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Arthritis and Your Pet

Larger pets are especially susceptible to 'osteoarthritis' in their later years. If you notice that their gait is a little slower than usual, especially in the morning, you'll need to have arthritis confirmed and treated by a veterinarian. They will probably be put on anti-inflammatory medications to help ease the discomfort and inflammation.

There are ways that you can make your pet more comfortable. If they're overweight, try and lighten their load by cutting their caloric intake by 20%, which could be by simply cutting back on treats. This should give them some relief.

It is also recommended that you take short walks with your pet several times a day, being careful as to what they can tolerate.

Bring your outside pet in, if possible, on cold nights. This will be a welcome relief on those arthritic joints. And giving them something soft to sleep on during the cold months will also be most appreciated.

Some vets recommend applying heat (either a hot water bottle or warm towels) on the affected joints for fifteen minutes in the morning and evening.

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