Dog Tags Protect Your Best Friend!

When your dog gets lost, a pet identification tag is the best way to make sure they get returned safely! Our dog id tags are durable, attractive and the best price online so you can get one for every pet in the house.Order your dog id tags today!

Purchase your new pet id tag today and get a FREE 2nd Emergency Phone Number! Your work, cell or veterinarian's number could save your dog's life.

  • Over 5,000,000 pets protected by since 1981
  • Best Prices Anywhere
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all tags
  • Fast! Most orders shipped next day
  • Up to 6 lines of text for maximum protection
  • Make a safe and stylish statement with our colorful Dog Tags.

Pet ID Lifetime Guarantee Love Your Pets ID Tags are guaranteed for life. Choose from 6 classic shapes and 8 colorful, durable materials.
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Dog ID tags from Love Your Pets are strong and durable.

Our dog tags are deeply engraved, so they will look sharp and last a lifetime, and our prices are the best you'll find on the web—$3.95 for 1-4 ID tags, $3.50 for 5-10 tags and deeper price breaks for 11 or more pet tags. Each tag provides lines for your dog’s name, your name, your address, and two phone numbers. We suggest you include the number of your veterinarian as an extra measure of protection for your pet. If your dog gets lost, a Love Your Pets dog name tag will help your dog get home! Custom dog tags can also be ordered, allowing you to add whatever information you would like to the tag.

Dog tags for your best friend

Dog tags for your best friend

Need more reasons? Here are some very satisfied dog tag customers!

Dog tags on a border collie Dog tag put to good use

Dog tags for everybody

All your dogs deserve a great dog tag!