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Importance of Tags! All my pets have tags and I also order more as info has changed. I have all indoor pets but you never know if one day one might escape! But my story isnt about my pets its a story is about a cat that has showed up at my door the last two weeks. He has no collar, no tags. I've tried to find the owner with postings online. I have called shelters/rescues with no luck. and with rescues all filled up with cats/kittens right now and no room for one more this little one has no home. (I am at my pet limit for my city so I cant have another) I have been feeding it each day and he shows up each night since that first night. Please everyone, order a Pet ID for your pet, its a small price to pay for the safe return of your pet if it does get lost.
Best friendsAfter 2 of our older dogs passed away, our Rottweiler became very sad. I always wanted a Yorkie and found one at a puppy rescue. There's a 174 pound difference between the two but they are best friends! Everyone loves walking by our yard and seeing the little one "keeping guard" while standing on the big one's back.
Izzi/IzumiI adopted Izumi, Izzi for short, from the SPCA a week ago, and her tags just came in the mail. She is two months old.
LOST POOPIEMy puppy, Duke, got lost one morning and I looked for him for twelve hours. He had wandered almost a mile away. Thank goodness he was wearing his little name tag from Love Your Pets. They called the number on the tag and he was safely returned!!!
MarlonMy cat Marlon is quite an old cat, and he'd been outside more than usual we didn't know why though. One day I walked into my room and opened the door and inside was another cat. We finally found out why he was always out. Another cat was terrorising him and scaring him so much he'd leave from the slightest noise.
Our labsOur two dogs that love sitting on the couch.
RandyMy Jack Russell/Rat Terrier "TAZ" ran away yesterday. He has only done this once before in 5 years and then only went as far as a neighbors, so it would have been easy to justify not having him tagged. Within a half an hour someone who lives quite away from us called. Without his tags from you he would have only been recovered if someone bothered to have him "microchip checked". Thanks for the tags. They saved our dog.
Lily and Amber Show Off New TagsMy 2 Shih-Tzus, Lily and Amber had just returned from the groomer and were showing off new do's, neckerchiefs and Love Your Pet ID tags....
After Surgery ScareI adopted a Yorkie from the local animal shelter and named him Benji. Shortly after he became sick and had to have emergency bladder surgery for his stones. Benji also must take half a pill twice a day for the rest of his life and had a e-collar on his neck so he would not lick his incision. When he got home he was outside on his lead in the front lawn to use the restroom. I was at work and got a text from someone saying I found your dog. I called my boyfriend in a panic and he told me he got off his leash. Luckily a family had found him and called the number on his I.D. He could have very well died had he gotten lost with the e-collar on his neck that made it hard for him to eat or drink, and without his medicine. We also have three cats, Captain, Annabelle, Sadie that go outside and it gives me peace of mind to know that if they ever were lost or hurt we could be contacted. Thanks Love Your Pets for saving my babies life.
My boys. My heroes.My (now estranged) husband and I adopted our boys 12 years ago (they are 14 now-on 2012). When our marriage ended, it ended badly. Long story short, I was at the deep end of despair. I was broken and scared. But the thought of losing the boys gave me strength to fight for my life. I worked hard to regain my life because I know there was no alternative. Now, we're happy and strong. And I owe my life to them.