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In Memory

To Dutchess 1991 - September 25, 2010

Good-bye,sweet Dutchess!
You were the best little cat ever.
You followed us as if you were a dog. You'd always been a very healthy cat, the only times you have gone to the vet was for your vaccines. You were old, nearly 19 years. You were ready, and you told us. It has not been 6 hours since your death, and the house feels empty without your sweet little "hello mewows". the other two house cats, Midnight and Sassy, would not tolerate you, so you lived mostly in your large dog crate. You loved your crate. When we would call you in the house from you sunning on the porch, you would run straight over to your crate and beg to be put in.

We miss you, "Dutchie" and we all love you so much. go now, and visit with you sister, Sweat-pea, and friend, Sia up at the rainbow bridge.
We love you, girl!