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Dog tags

Love this company. This was my first time ordering from them. Great prices and prompt service. I will definitely continue to order from them.

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I've ordered a few times over the past four years for both my cat, my brother's dog and now my horse. Your tags are affordable and of great quality! The service is also always fast. Those are just a few reason why I will continue to purchase my tags from and recommend you guys every chance I get!

Great Product Still

In December 2010, I received a Collie puppy as a gift and ordered two ID tags the other for my beloved German Shepherd. Two months ago, my 12 year old German Shepherd died while still wearing her ID tag.

Two days ago, I was blessed with an 8 week old German Shepherd and I returned to this company for a new ID tag.

Yes, the Collie (now seven years old) still has his ID. Love Your Pets has an excellent product along with excellent pricing.

Thank you.

Tags for canine kids!

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100 % satisfaction guarantee! I ordered 2 dog tags; one for daughter's labradoodle and one for my chauaua. One tag came with my phone contact instead of sarahs. Company quickly remedied issue and immediately sent out corrected tag! I will use this company for all my pet or identification needs!

Very Happy!

I am so happy with the pet tags I ordered. I can't believe how quickly they got here! And the price is unbeatable. Thank you!


About the Dog ID tags: Fabulous! New tags for Dobe-mix Bella and Lab-Pointer Lily are great. Last tags were dog-bone shaped, and Bella's was lost during one of our walks. I wanted round tags so they wouldn't catch on stuff. Picked round brass tags, for durability and being easiest to read. Tags are legible, and we are delighted with the quality, the price and the speedy shipping.


Ordered tags for my pups from Love Your Pets, I honestly thought it would take forever to get here but it wasn't even a week after they shipped out! And was shipped so quickly after was ordered. Customer service is also prompt, since I accidentally didn't click the correct color for the tag and they promptly responded to my request! Amazing customer service and quick service. And the price is amazing!!! Spent less on 2 tags then I would have getting them made at petco/smart and are good quality. Yay!

Great Pet Tags!

I just purchased three pet tags for my cats and they came out perfect! The quality was great, price affordable and prompt service. It was nice to have affordable customization of words, shape and color for each tag.

I am very happy! Thanks for your service. Will definitely recommend your company.


My order was fast, simple, and the I.D. tags look awesome! My 4 Dogs will have the best "bling" on the block! lol Thanks alot! -Tim F.

Trusted tags

I've purchased tags from Love Your Pets for all of my pets since 2005 and am happy to report that each tag is still perfectly legible today. Thankfully I haven't had to experience the loss or temporary loss of a pet, but I know that if one of them were to get lost, I'll have the reassurance that their tags will help them get home safely.

Two Time Satisfied Customer

Image Two Time Satisfied Customer

I recently added two dogs to the family, so I was on the hunt for stainless steel ID tags for them. Searched various web site, but due to lack of site usability, I passed them over. Found Love Your Pets web site. Very user friendly. Excellent selection of tags. Great visualization of tag with lettering. Good feedback from others. Ordered tags and had them within 3 business days. Great turnaround. Liked them so much that I placed an order for a second set of tags with AVID microchip numbers. I got the same great looking tags with the same great turnaround. I highly recommend Love Your Pets for your ID tag needs.

Very happy!

Image Very Happy!

I am very happy with the 3 tags I ordered for my 3 cats. They are very high quality and exactly what I was looking for. They are the perfect size for my kitties, and you can't beat the price! It is a very reasonable price for a good quality stainless steel tag!

Very Pleased

Easy to use website, fast service, and great tags! Thank you

Very pleased!

We recently moved and needed to purchase new ID tags for our cat and dog. I was surprised by how much text is allowed and was worried it may appear small and hard to read when printed, but I wanted to include info about our dog needed medication daily. I was very pleased when I saw the tags! They arrived just a few days after I ordered, and all the text is very easy to read! I was also worried the the tag would look a bit big on my cat, but it fits him just fine. Also, your site had the lowest prices that I found online or in stores! Thank you!

My two kids

Image My two kids

These are my two kids Frankie 13 and Mattie 8.I just bought
them both Love Your Pets tags and they both loved their tags. I got them one pink and one blue. They both have been known to lose their tags and have also been known to go on a four hour neighborhood tour of which we found them just as the dog catcher drove by. I feel safer now that they both have new tags. I would go nuts if something happened to my kids. Thanks for helping to keep my kids safe with me.


Image Randy

My Jack Russell/Rat Terrier "TAZ" ran away yesterday. Within a half an hour of his disappearance someone who lives quite a long way from us called. Without his tags from you he would have only been recovered if someone bothered to have him "microchip checked". Thanks for the tags. They saved our dog.

Excellent Customer Service!

We needed tags for our dogs asap for emergency preparedness. Love Your Pets got our tags to us quickly and were ready to provide customer service and stand behind their product. I would confidently refer their mail-order service to be just as convenient as a local shop. C. Allen

First Pets, then Senior People

Image First Pets, then Senior People All my pets have worn your tags for the last 20 years. Recently I was talking of security in our senior years. I have ordered them 2 tags each. Both tags will have their names and their adult children's names. One they will wear when they are exercising and walking and one will go on their keys. We solved a problem with a great product.

Great service

Thanks a bunch to Love Your Pets. We just moved, and I was anxious to get my dog her new tag. I received it very quickly! I also love how I can fit all the information on the tag too, and it's still easy to read! -Jennifer

I can't thank you enough!

My puppy Rocky ran off, and because of the tag we got from you, someone found him and called me. We were reunited! I can't thank you enough!!!

I've had your tags on all my pets for 12 years!

Can't remember where I first heard about your tags but I've had them on all my pets back through my oldest "pup" who's now 12! 

A little scare brought Love Your Pets tags into my life

Image Little scare brings Love Your Pets Tags into my life

A few weeks ago, my brother left my little kitten, Joey, outside all night. The next morning, we searched high and low for her and after a few hours we luckily found her under a shed in my backyard. We were so happy, but we didn't want another scare like that again. I immediately purchased one of your tags. I received it quickly and it was way less expensive than buying a tag at the vet. I am so happy with the purchase, and from now on will be buying all my pets tags from your website. Thank you so much! 

My cats have ID tags you made them 10 years ago!

Both of my cats still have the I.D. tags you made for them years ago. One of them is almost 10 years old now. I appreciate your lifetime guarantee, though I've never needed to use it!

My dog was returned to me after being lost 7.5 days!

I am very pleased with your product. My dog was returned to me by the info on the tag after being lost 7.5 days. I am truly blessed and at peace after a very traumatic experience. -Ashley

Still readable over the years!

We have ordered tags from you in the past and they have always worn well and are still readable over the years!

Best Buy!

I ordered these and in a matter of a few days had them in my hand! They are really cute and say exactly what I needed! Getting ready to order a few more for different things for my family! Thanks so much! Great! Functional! Stylish!!  Lesley R.

Totally Satisfied

First and foremost, I placed an order on last Friday, and received my id tags today for my toy Yorkie, and I am extremely satisfied. I researched the website before I made my purchase, and all of the feedback was absolutely accurate. Great customer service, prompt shipping and delivery, and the quality of the products is unmatched.

We have 6 horses and 2 dogs tagged at our home.

Thank you for offering a wonderful product! We have 6 horses and 2 dogs tagged at our home. We are able to rest assured that our dearly loved animals can be clearly identified. We have even used your products as gifts for other pet owners! Thanks again.

We tag our autistic son's shoe

We use the tags for our pets as well as on the shoe of our son who is autistic and non-verbal. Please let others know about this extremely important use! 

You're the best!!!

You can't find a better place and for the price it's unbelievable!! You're the best!!! Vanessa C.