ID Tags for pets, people and all your belongings!


Your tags are fantastic!

I received my 3 tags today and I couldn't be more pleased. I just want you to know that they're fantastic. The quality of engraving is wonderful, and the bonus telephone number is certainly great. I guarantee that in the future when I need more tags, I'll check in with you first. Thanks!

Great service!

Image Great service!

What a pleasure doing business with you folks! The tags are beautiful and well-made, and the service was outstanding. Great prices, too! My dogs Reef and Harry both look terrific with their new tags.

My dog will never be without a tag again!

A couple of hours ago, my dog ran off across a busy street attached to his leash, he was startled by something and took off... I was wearing high heels and just started running after him, I'm in the city and I watched him cross a main drag, then take off across a busy bridge, where people FLY! I just kept running, but he was gone... I knew I would never catch him, and he didn't have a tag. I could barely breathe when two cars driving down the other side of the bridge yelled that they had my dog. When we finally met up, I could still barely breathe and wasn't sure even how to talk, other than to say a thank you, and that still seems too small. The man that had my dog told me he saw him run away and chased him for a LONG time, there was no way anyone would know who he belonged to, if this man had not seen it happened. He told me that I had to check out this website and that I was a fool for not having a tag on my dog. I'm indeed a fool and feel sick that he was not wearing a tag. I have ordered my tags (as I have two dogs) and will wait patiently until they arrive. It's too bad this had to happen in order for me to order them, but now I will not be without. At this point I think I would have paid $1,000.00 for a dog tag, but WOW the prices are amazing! Thank you.