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Chico the Wanderer

Image Chico the Wanderer Chico, our loving Husky, went to visit our newest neighbors and their dog. He was captured in their fenced area, and they called since Chico had his Love your Pets ID tag. Little did they know we were neighbors - what a way to meet! Thanks to the ID tag Chico was found and we have new friends.


Image Cobar Cobar wearing his new Love Your Pets tag.

Hershey's Home

Image Hershey's Home Hubby, I, our four cats and big, goofy German Shepherd, Hershey, moved from New York to North Carolina last year. Not long after settling into our new home I noticed that our gate was open and Hershey was nowhere in sight. I cried out to my husband and he went flying out of the house to search for him.

No sooner did he leave than our phone rang. The call came from folks on the next street who had found our guy who had his red
plastic heart ID tag. But it had our NY info. So they called our old phone number only to learn that it had been disconnected. They then called local info and learned that we were not only listed, but just down the street from them.When I told them that my husband was on his way with a leash, they asked that he not hurry. They were already in love with Hershey.

We ordered new tags for all of the critters that very day.

Just in Time

Image Just in Time I work at an animal hospital, and there are two dogs that always visited us for boarding. When I learned that the owner was going into a nursing home and wanted the dogs euthanized because she didn't want anyone else to have them, I immediately intervened. Her son brought the dogs in to be put down, and begged us to find them a good home. Lucky for him, I was moving into a new home in a few days. I said I would take the dogs, and I did!! Now Molly and Sadie are settled in at home and I couldn't ask for two better dogs!!

Run Away Horses

Image Run Away Horses It was a hot summer day and me and my daughter decided to let our horses, Ginger,Katie,Amy,and Spitfire out of the field and eat the grass beside the road.The road was just a dirt and graveld road and hardly any one came up through there, so we had nothing to woory about. We had always called for the horses and the quickly came running back to the barn,but it was dark and this time the horsres didn't come.So we got our flashlights and ran trying to follow the horses,but they went to the highway!We headed to the truck and then my cell phone went of, the farmer up thhe road said that there was some horses in his yard and one of threm had a tag that had this # on it! He said it also said Katie! It was my horse! Because of a gift my friend gave me and I had put it on my horses halter, we found the horses !

Short legs, Long distance

Image Short legs, Long distance Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have a newly acquired black pommeranian who is strictly a house dog. My last dog was killed when she wandered out of the house during a hurricane while we were securing our yard. She was hit and killed by a car a half hour after she got out. I didn't find out until 4 days and 200 posted flyers later. Animal control had picked her up and since their computers were down due to no power from the storm, they had no way of knowing which dogs had been picked up. She was 15 and I was heartbroken. Since she was a house dog, I had seen no reason to have a tag on her. I vowed not to make that mistake again. It's been 2 years and I finally was able to love another dog. As I had vowed, I purchased 2 identification tags--1 for my dog and 1 for my brother's which I received a week ago. I was going to work today which is 14 miles away. I was almost there and received a call from someone who found my dog a mile away from my house! He had gotten out when my mom went to get the paper. I immediately called home for them to get her and called him back to let him know they were coming. He told me 'Bear' had gotten out of the car and ran away again and he didn't know where. I was about to come back home when I received another call. Someone else had picked him up! My folks raced to pick up Bear!! 2 different people had notified me withing 10 minutes!!! Surely this never would have happened without this wonderful tag. I may have never seen him again. God Bless You for saving my dog. I will be purchasing another tag for my other brother and have already advised many others about your site. Sincerely, Linda

Since the Hurricane

I couldn't be more pleased with my cats' tags from Love Your Pets. As a resident of Louisiana I realized the importance of pet tags after the hurricane. I thought about how many pets could have been returned, if they had worn tags.The disaster made me realize that anything could happen at any time and I could be separated from my cats, Frida and Oreo. Needless to say, I would be devestated. The pet tags give me peace of mind, just in case. Thanks so much for the speed with which I received my tags and I would highly recommend them to anyone with pets.

staying buzz lightyear

Image staying buzz lightyear My sister and I were talking on the phone when a 1 month old kitten walked up to the door started meowing. I told my sister to bring it to my house and I would help him out. That's my story about Buzz Lightyear, my 3 year old kitten.

Takano's Miracle

Image Takano's Miracle Takano's Miracle November 9, 2002 was a normal day for a number of people. But, to Takano, his three siblings and my wife Sherry and myself, that day was the beginning of a long, drawn out living nightmare. At approximately 5:15 that late afternoon, an ignorant and irresponsible hunter shot and hit Takano, wounding him with his large caliber hunting rifle. What happened after the split second of that hunter shooting Takano, is an experience I never want to experience again.

Read the rest of Takano's Miracle here:

Thank Goodness for ID Tags!

Image Thank Goodness for ID Tags! Woke up early morning to take my kids to school and noticed our backyard gate was wide open. That's when we knew our dogs were gone. We live right by a freeway and main street so that was a big concern. So many things ran through my mind. I prayed to god nothing tragical happened to our doggies. My husband went out to look for the dogs after dropping kids off at school. He stayed out looking for them for at least an hour. He found nothing. Next step was to go look in the dog shelters. While he was out looking in the dog shelter I received a call from a very kind lady named Sharon. She said I was a very lucky person. She had found my dogs in the middle of the freeway and almost got ran over. She pulled over and picked them up and and took both doggies with her to work. Boy am I thankful for id tags and forever grateful with Sharon. If only there was alot more people like her. Thank You Sharon!


This is a true story of a mate of mine (wolf)
He found me on the roadside 19yrs ago running a muck with eight other little pups.

For a few years he helped me round up stray bush cattle. He walked about two million miles while I rode a horse, he protected all I owned with a fierceness of a frenzied shark yet showed love in the best way he could to me. He saved my life on several occasions but this is remarkable he (wolf) put himself between a home invader and myself we ran inside locked the door and while the home invader was breaking the door down wolf savaged on the inside while I got the gun (I had decided that if the intruder wanted to get inside that bad he could confront the dog and gun my life was under direct threat as I had rang triple zero and scared out of my wits they had hung up on me, it was just me the dog and the gun facing the intruder. The dog roared in pure frustration that this was happening and as police finally arrived the invader was apprehended and carted off.
this was only one incident as the years wandered off I didn't notice the slowing of the dog I didn't see his sight was not as it once was or I didn't choose to. The last few months of his life he let me know that it was time to do the search for another dog, it found me (Chief) entered wolfs last months wolf kept going until the pup was trained wolfs way and I would have to finish the training on my own we finished training the pup to follow the horses understand how to behave when working with them this seemed to delight wolf as many mistakes were made and fixed the wolf seemed to be smiling when he resigned himself to his final fate. The last morning he went outside as usual I thought he had taken too long as I stepped outside to see what had happened I saw him collapse. Off to the vet we went as I knew things were not right with him. The vet is 199 miles away, the vet was notified that we were on the way. Wolf was ill and deteriorating. My best mate in the world was crook. I told the vet the dog was 19 yrs old the vet frowned I told the vet it wasn't the dogs time, the vet eventually took the dog and made him comfortable ,the dogs temperature had soared ,they packed him in ice and gave him pain relief, after hours of the long hard wait blood tests, x rays and all those vets and nurses with the patience of saints had to inform me the dog had pancreas cancer and that it was only a matter of time and not much time at that. I asked to spend some time with the dog alone and on the surgery floor I sat with my mate we didn't have to say a thing for over the years we seemed to be reading each others memories and minds. I wont go into detail of how it ended but the devotion of the both of us our pack had been split, our heart's had been broke and his suffering had ended. He's buried in a secret location where he has his beloved bush and no fences - a pet hate of his and mine. Every time a thunder storm hits I know wolf has taken his rightful place among all best mates and all good dogs.
In memory of WOLF

Schnauzer rescue

I rescue schnauzers. I have for 30 years. I am a Real Estate agent and I always give pet tags as my house warming present. People always forget to upgrade their pet tags so when they move into their new home I do it for them. All my pets were in shelters or pounds and were injured or abused.

Oreo was gone for 3 1/2 years

Image Oreo was gone for 3 1/2 years I rescued Oreo from behind an auto shop where my brother worked in October of 1992. She was solid black with a small white round patch on her tummy- her filling. Her kittenhood was uneventful and happy. One day in November of 1993 she went missing. we scoured the neighborhoods, and went to the shelters, but to no avail. I just couldn't understand it, because she did have a collar on with an I.D. tag. Why wouldn't someone call if they found her? Well the Humane Society did call me in the summer of 1997. They said she was down at the shelter, and could I come get her? I was shocked and ecstatic! They said it was the longest that they had ever heard of a cat missing and returned. It turns out that she was at an apartment complex about 4 miles from our house. She killed a squirrel, and the apartment manager called animal control. I was sad for the squirrel, but happy that Oreo was back in my life! Her little kitten collar was so tight on her neck, and was really worn out. Her i.d. tag was very legible though. Our local newspaper did a story on Oreo, emphasizing the need for collars and tags. Oreo is about to be 16 years old this August, and is still going strong. I always refer to her time away as "when she was on the lam"!


Image Relocated My job relocated us to a different city so our "HARLEY" got loose for a while.Each minute felt like hours. When we found her i drove into town.There wasn't a place to buy a I.D.!The area here is very rural.We are so blessed to have found "LOVE YOUR PETS"!Thank You and God Bless


Adare's Escape

Image Adare's Escape You have been with me for quite a long time. As I have moved, rescued different animals, changed my last name, and moved several more times and I always ordered new pet tags from your company. Once, in a pinch, I got a store-bought tag from Pet Smart. The finish wore off within a month. Needless to say, I ordered Heidi's new tag from you. One of my babies, a retired racing greyhound named Adare (photo attached),discovered that someone had neglected to close our back gate. In a flash,he took off and ran around town for quite some time until someone caught him peeing on their rose bush! Because he had a Love Your Pets tag, a kind person called our number and Adare was quickly recovered. The best part of this story is that Adare was brought back safe from harm within a few hours of his escape. The funny part of this story is that he might have gotten away with his escape if he wasn't wearing his pet ID tag... the college student who was dog-sitting for me that weekend failed to mention that Adare was an escapee. On my answering machinge, however, was a follow-up call from the man who found Adare. I asked the student if anything unusal had happened while I was gone. "No," was her response. "Nothing at all?" I asked. "Nope!" she responded. When I played the message for her she had to eat her words. And I knew I needed a new dog sitter. Thank goodness my boy was OK! Thank you! Shanen

A bad situation turned good!

My son took our dog out to go potty one cold moring without me knowing. He forgot to put the latch down on the gate. He played that morning with his cousin, he was having so much fun he forgot about the dog. Three hours later he remembered about the dog. I didnt even realize the dog was gone, because she loved to take long naps. By the time we looked outside she was gone. That day was so cold it was five below zero. I was so worried and scared for our dog. We quickly began to search the entire neighborhood. She was no where to be found. I was so nervous because she was so friendly and anyone could have picked her up. She is an American Bulldog and too many she looked intimidating, but she is a big sweetheart. My family was so devastated that we could not think about anything else but the dog. Our friends and family were so supportive they helped us also search for her. The next day my friend made me a flyer. My husband and children posted flyers all around the neighborhood. The very next day someone in our area found the flyer and returned our dog. We were so happy!! I then said to myself I really have to get her a tag with her information. I did a google search and found the love your pets website and was so impressed with the prices, selections and website. I could not pass up the deals they offered so I ordered two tags (just in case I lost one). I can't wait to receive them.

Cool Dog

Image Cool Dog Hi, My dog "Buddy" loves to pose for the camera, as you can see, he just loves to pose, I think in this picture he thinks he is an Afgan dog, or "Rick James"! I think he thinks he is famous!!

My Friend Pooba

Image My Friend Pooba My Name is Ronda Jennings. I am a Level III Usui Reiki Master. Reiki is the ílaying on of hands healing touch systemí. Reiki has been in existence since the beginning of time on earth. For now we will say that it started in India and Tibet. Traditional Usui Reiki was brought here by the Master Teacher Mikao Usui in the late 1800ís. Reiki is used to heal the Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies within us. The One administering the Reiki sessions has no control as to where the energy will go, the healing energy goes to the area where it is needed the most. Most of our illnesses stem from some emotional or mental blockage within our Chakra system and if the issue is not addressed it will come out in some form within the four bodies, so the energy will flow in an through the Chakra that most needs to be unblocked. Each client/patient has their own experience depending on their body and how they care for it. Below is an example of an experience while working on one of my animal friends. A dog was trapped in a fire. Iíve known this dog for a while, but he never let me get near him for more than a few seconds, then he would back away and bark at me in fear. This dog was, understandably, more of a nervous wreck after being trapped in the fire. When I arrived at the house he was nervously running around more than I have ever seen. He was barking at every noise he heard . My friend got him to sit down so that I could lay my hands on him. After a few minutes of Reiki he started pawing at me. My friend said that is what he does when he wants more attention and rubs; I was delighted! I kept the session going and the next thing I knew he laid down. This is a dog that would not let me touch him for longer than two seconds! My friend told me this was the first time he has settled down since the fire. He started closing his eyes during the session as I released his tears and fear. When I finished the session this dog got up and got into his bed and went to sleep. I still see this dog from time to time and whenever he is around me he follows me around like he is in Love with me. When I touch him, he starts pawing at me for more. This is a picture of my little friend- Pooba. Even though miraculous things can happen during a Reiki session, I can not take credit for these events. I am only a vessel for the Reiki Energy of the Universe from our Creator to flow in and through me to a person or animal for healing. For More information please visit my website:

who saved who?

As i soaked in the bathtub, thinking of all my stressful problems, and how I would attempt to best tackle them, a radio spot came on about a dog up for adoption at the humane society. I decided there and then to go see about adopting this chihuhua mix pup. When I got there she was not available, but an older similar female was. I really have to wonder who saved who?I love her so much! She has a spot in my bed, sleeps at my feet at the desk and cuddles every chance she gets. I can't imagine who or why they gave her up, but she's very greatful to not be sleeping on the cold concrete floor in a cage. She came home for the holidays and will make every day for the rest of our lives a holiday!

Pet Humor

Image Pet Humor There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face
-Ben Williams

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
-Ann Landers

I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult? -Jody Falk

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.
-Harry Falk

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
-Will Rogers

Ever consider what our dogs must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul--chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we're the greatest hunters on earth!
-Anne Tyler


Image Scarlett Here is Scarlett wearing her brand new ID tag. The red looks great on her!

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