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Thank you so much for all your help!

Image Thank you so much for all your help! Thank you so much for all your help! I received the pet ID tags a few days ago! And they look great!

Thanks again!

Jessica G.

The first time my dog took a walk

Image The first time my dog took a walk I had recently moved to a new apartment, and I have always been able to let my dog out and she would never wander away. She's big mommy's girl. I let her out alone on the 3rd day of living in our new place and 5 minutes later I went to let her in and she was gone. Now the previous days before this I was walking her on a leash down the street and I would walk her to a certain point and turn around and go back home. That day she decided to wander. I recieved a phone call from the lady I know well who owned the local grocery store in front of my apartment and she said to me that she thought she just saw Lucy cross the road. I took off in my car and started to search the street for her. About 10 minutes later I recieved a phone call from the second hand store 5 blocks down the road, stating they had Lucy in the store.Had I not had an ID tag on her, she may have never made it back home...

Tiger Went Missing

Our cat Tiger came up missing on Sat. May 23, 2009. We called and called and searched for Tiger. He was a solid black cat and very nosy. We had put a collar with a bell on him to warn the birds he was around. A week later we were five miles out in a rural area where we had been picking up rocks for a rock garden. It was dusk, and Joe says Do you want to go left or right?" and I said "right". I saw something in the middle of the road and I said,"What is that?" and Joe said "An animal". The closer we got we could tell it was a cat. Jokingly I said, "I wonder if it is Tiger?" When we got up to the cat it took off in the weeds. Joe opened his door and said "Tiger!" Low and behold we heard a bell ring and Tiger bound out of the weeds and was sooo very happy to see us. We put him in the car and took him home and he made a dash for his food dish. I am ordering name tags today!!!!

Tyler & Perry love their tags!

Image Tyler & Perry love their tags! Tyler (on the left) and Perry (on the right) have been wearing their Love Your Pets tags for nearly 10 years. I ordered tags as a gift for a friend of mine and just read about your Gallery of Loved Pets when I received the tags today. Will this gallery be available on line? Tyler and Perry would love to be a part of it! I have purchased at least 12 i.d. tags from you over the years and every one has been made perfectly to order. Thank you for making such a great product!

Found after five months

Our cat, Maruader, was a former stray who, once he "found" us, stuck very close to home. . .and his food dish. One September day, however, we came home and there was no Marauder. We hunted for him, called him, and ultimately placed an ad in the newspaper--all to no avail. A month later, having given up on ever finding him, we "adopted" a replacement to keep our other cat company. But, in March of the following year, we received a telephone call from a lady about eight miles away, stating she checked the tag of a cat that had been in her neighborhood for about six weeks--and it was our Marauder! We brought him home and he remained with us for another 2-1/2 years until he succumbed to cancer.

The Adventure of Otis

Image The Adventure of Otis

On November 24, 2005, I took my cat, Otis, for his annual vet visit. As I also have a Milo, she was put in the pet carrier and big Otis (28 lbs) was on the floorboard of my 4-Runner. When I opened the door to get him out, he shot out like a rocket. I searched for days, weeks, and then over a month for my Otis. I looked under bridges, walked sewer pipes and went through pastures looking for Otis with no results. Then, the first part of February, my cell phone rang and this man with a middle Eastern accent said "I have your cat" and I said "I beg your pardon". He said "Your cat, your cat named Otis (which he pronounced A-tis). I said "Do you mean Otis? Within 30 minutes, I had picked up my long lost Otis and he is safely back home with me and his litter-mate sister, Milo. This made me a true believer in Pet I.D. Tags! To prevent "nuts" from contacting me, I only had their names and my cell phone number engraved on the tags. This is why I knew the phone call I received was legitimate. The caller did not ask for me by name but only indicated that he had my precious Otis.

Crowley's Corral

Image Crowley's Corral "How many greyhounds make a herd?" laughed one of our neighbors. Our family fosters retired greyhounds until we can find them forever homes. We love to walk our herd-numbers can go from 3 to 6 dogs-around the our area so everyone can see these beautiful dogs and meet them up close and personal. One really cold,dark and snowy morning we received a call for help from a fellow foster. One of his "kids" had gotten out and couldn't be found! There had to be at least 6 people from American Greyhound, our rescue group, helping look for Junior. Thank God Junior was found and not too far from home. When we got home the first thing we did was to make sure our herd had some I.D. on their collars. Recently I came across the Love your pets website and we ordered enough tags for our fosters. Thank you for making such a helpful product at such a reasonable cost.

Mister Kitty's Big Adventure

Image Mister Kitty's Big Adventure Mister Kitty has been in our family for 8 years, since kittenhood. We recently moved from country living to small town "downtown" living. Mister Kitty lived at our place of business and went outside after 6 p.m. when the town rolled up its sidewalks and the downtown became relatively quiet. He's EXTREMELY friendly and most everyone knew him. When folks would see him outside, they'd stop to pet him and talk with him and he in turn would talk to them. The red heart shaped ID tag from LOVEYOURPETS let the people know that he did indeed live "downtown" and was not lost.
Then one day, he disappeared. We put signs all over town. We called the vets, the Humane Society, Animal Control. We ran ads in the paper. Days went by, then weeks but I never gave up hope. Mister Kitty WOULD come home. Three weeks after his disappearance I got a phone call from a man who had "caught" Mister Kitty in a Hav-A-Heart possum trap. The man lived nearly 3 miles away and knew from the LOVEYOURPETS tag that Mister Kitty was far from home.
How (and why) he was so far from home was a mystery until the evening Mister Kitty appeared at the window of a downtown restaurant when was my daughter was inside. A man at the counter told a story about having a few beers too many one night and being greeted by Mister Kitty on his way to his car. The cat was SO FRIENDLY, the inebriated man took him home with him to the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN! When he sobered up the next morning, he noticed Mister Kitty's tag and realizing that he belonged to someone... he let Mister Kitty go. Needless to say, my sweet cat could not find his way home from that distance. Without his red heart ID tag we may never have had him returned to us. All of his friends in downtown Tarboro, NC are glad he's back. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Their loss is our gain

Image Their loss is our gain I've always had a soft spot for all animals and I've never been able to turn one away. My home is proof of this. My boyfriend came in one day with this stray he had seen running the road side a few days in a row. Cute mix breed and no tags or collar to mention. I started asking everyone that I seen if they knew the dog....he had to be local. Nothing! I ran him in the paper and got no response. After about two weeks I finally agreed to let the kids name him and he made himself right at home here with our other three dogs! PugsLee has become a wonderful addition to our family. He's playful and loving and I've had people beg for him. He has a personnality that would grab anyones heart right away. His last owners lose is our gain.

You'll Never Believe

Image You'll Never Believe Here's a pet story you'll never believe. Huge animal lover here. I am ant-hunting, you name it. My man came in one day all upset and he was running around with a bundle in his arms looking for a heating pad...."Help ME!" ... "Can you save them?" I was at a lose. I had to grab him and ask firmly..."SAVE WHAT?" He opened the shirt to reveal 5 baby possums with no hair and their eyes still closed. I flipped. Their mother was hit by a car and he stopped and rescued them from her pouched. One (I'm sad to say) died on the way to my house. Two other died that same night. Today....we have Luna and her brother MuChoo who are about 4 1/2 months old now. I made several calls and sent more then two dozen emails that weekend to rescue groups trying to get help and advice. No one thought they would make it...not even me. So tiny and so young. There was no one nearby that could or would take them. Everyone I contacted said to either leave them to die...they would put them down....or for me to do my best....ughhh! We spent more then two months feeding and bathing these two helpless creatures every four hours. All hours of the day and night...taking them to the store and appointment so they wouldn't miss feedings. I was determined to see them through this one way or another. We had a few close calls but I'm happy to say that they are both happy and healthy to this day. Now if I can get someone to ever call me back so they can see a doctor we might really get somewhere....ha ha!

Seeing Siamese Willow

My vision started giving me issues back in March of this year. The doctors spent months running test, retesting other things and eventually got to the diagnosis of Retinitus Pigmetosa. Feeling sorry for myself and depressed,I decided to go to the local Human Society and check out the cats. I figured if I could refocus my engergy on another being that needed me, then it would pull me out of my funk. I was first attracted to a male siamese named Willow, but an unnamed orange tabby was begging for attention. Naturally the orange tabby was held and petted..I even named it thinking that he would be the one...but out of the corner of my eye the siamese kept eye balling me and smiling like he already decided I was his..when I put my hand down he came over sniffed me and started rubbing his head against my hand. I put the orange tabby down and picked up the siamese. He looked me in the eye and touched his nose to mine...I was hooked.I set him down and said come on Willow time to go home and he followed me out to the processing area with out batting an eye..10 minutes later he was in a pet carrier and riding in the passengers seat, seat belt in place. It was then the name Willow reminded me of how a willow tree bends with the wind and is strong in its flexability. My vision has deteriorated since adopting Willow, but he reminds me that with my challenge, I too can be flexable and adjust..Willow is my angel with paws..

Fender with his new ID tag

Image Fender with his new ID tag

LeAnne Sessoms

All I can say is THANK YOU!!! We ordered an id tag from your company and received it on Thursday, Valentines Day. I put it on China right away. Yesterday, I put her on her lead in the backyard and somehow the chain came undone. In a panic, I packed up my kids in the car and drove around the neighborhood looking for her. We had neighbors out looking for her too. After 20 minutes or so I decided I better go home in case somebody called. As soon as I walked in the door the phone rings and a woman said "I think I have your dog!" I just started crying, I was so relieved! We adopted China from the SPCA in December and we fell in love with her immediately. She is just the best dog, very well mannered and is part of our family. I am so glad I ordered an id tag from you when I did, if I hadn't, she would probably still be lost! THANK YOU!

Hershey's Back!!!

Image Hershey's Back!!! Well one day me , my mom, and my sister were going to my aunt's house for the day so we left the dogs outside running loose in the fenced backyard. My father put a lattice around the bottom of our house to keep the dogs from getting out. The 2 dogs broke the lattice and got out. My sister's dog Odie came back but my dog Hershey didn't. I was so scared. The next day a man walked up to our house and said "Is this dog Hershey yours?" Your dog id tags with the name , address , and the home phone number on it really helped me get my lovable "BIG" dog Hershey back. thank you

Sandman's Story

My husband is in the army and so we have to travel to see our families. During the holidays in 2003 we went home for a visit and brought along our 3 dogs and 5 cats.

Sandman, our lilac siamese was an adventurous cat and did not know danger and decided to explore his new suroundings and got lost. We searched frantically for him to no avail. Thanks to his collar and tag an unknown neighobr found him and called us and he was returned to his very grateful owners.

A few months later after we had returned home he had wondered off again and got lost and because of his tag and collar he was returned yet again. The last time he went on his adventure he unfortunetly was hit by a car. The person who hit him looked at his tag and knew where to go to let us know of his demise. We were very heartbroken however grateful for this person letting us know what had happend.

If it weren't for the tag and collar we may have never known what had happend to him any of the three times. So for those reasons, I'm very much into having tags for all of my pets.

Teko's Little Journey

Teko is rescued dog who is about 7 years old. We got her two years ago from a rescue shelter. She immediately adopted me and the family and became a part of us all in a very short time. It seemed as if she had always been with us. I intended to get tags for her but never quite got around to it.

She likes to be with me no matter where I am. So when I work outside she has always stayed on the property without even giving her a command to do so. I would check on her regularly if she was not in eyesight and she was always there!

Well yesterday I was working outside and she hung around as usual. But when it came time to go in the house she was no where to be found! We live next to a very busy highway and I thought the worst! I began checking the neighborhood on foot with no luck.

I then took the car and my son to look for her in a wider search area and still no Teko! I came back to the house for dinner and to see if she came home but she had not. After dinner I went back out and increased my search area and said a quick prayer to the Lord to help me find her because now she had been gone for several hours.

I checked back at the house to see if she had come back, there was a unfamiliar car in the drive so I did not stop because it was blocking my way. I drove about two blocks and then Teko ran in front of my car about 100 feet ahead of me! I followed her up the hill and into a parking lot that we walk through everyday. I called to her and she came to me. After a long hug I put her in the car and went home.

That pickup truck was still there. As I got out of the car a man came from my back yard and saw Teko in my car and said "there she is!" My puzzled look was answered by him telling me he and his wife had seen Teko on the busy road and was trying to catch her to keep her from getting run over. They thought she ran into our yard, not knowing it was her home, continued to try and catch her and that spooked her up the hill that I was driving up!

I was very blessed to get Teko back so quickly and took the que to make sure she had ID on her collar. I ordered "Love Your Pets! I.D. Tags" today!

Prevention is best and Pet ID Tags are the way!

We take our cats, Buster, ChesterMyles and Sydney to Maine with us. It's a 3 hour trip sometimes and Sydney loves to hang out the window while we ride. We have to make sure we have the lock-out on the windows and door locks. I am always worried about getting in an accident, as the cats could get lost if something happened. We use your pet id tags because they allow that second phone number. That was if something happens to us, we know that our friends will be called to take care of the "kits." We just got a new baby, Spike, and even though he has to stay with his mom for a few more weeks, we are ordering his tag now so that we can be ready when he comes home with us. Thanks SJ, David, Buster, ChesterMyles, Hurricane Sydney and Baby Spike

Little Black puppy

My 3 year old daughter wanted a "little black" puppy for her birthday more than anything. Well lo and behold my mom's friend had a dog that had litter that only one black puppy. The puppy was under weight, malnourished and had sores all over him. However, my little girl thought he was beautiful. He is now happy and healthy. If he had stayed in the conditions he was in I think he would have died.

Why The World Needs Pets

Image Why The World Needs Pets Why The World Needs Pets By Bill Clanton of All Pets Radio ( Waretown, New Jersey

They won’t hold a grudge. They won’t leave you for someone else. They know how to show their affection. They even know your feelings better than you do. Who are “they”? Well “they” go by many names, but most of the world just calls them “Pets”.

Pets are wondrous creatures whose powers go beyond that of spiritual or magical. Perhaps that power is what the world needs more of. Recently while being interviewed by a news reporter I was asked the question, “Why do you think that pets have become so popular in recent years?” I thought for a moment and then answered. “We are a nation at war, a nation still recovering from the after effects of September 11th, a nation rebuilding in the wake of a devastating hurricane in the South, all while living in a media spoon fed world with terror attacks in every news break.”

I then went on to explain the key thing that separates us from our pets. “If I were to go to a human friend for emotional support, I could only expect so much. You see, they could be affected by the same negative worldly stress that depresses me. However, my pet remains unaffected.”

This news reporter agreed with my statement and we spent several minutes talking about the idea of “unconditional love”. Unconditional love is a phrase that I have heard people from all walks of life relate totally to pets. I find it amazing that so many people with different backgrounds, cultures, and languages can come to this same agreement. When we are at our lowest of lows our pet will still be there. Pets fill the void in our lives.

Another incredible aspect of pets is in the case of loved ones away from home. While loved ones may be over seas fighting to preserve freedom, pets are fighting battles here on the emotional frontlines in our homes. Our pets are armed with the weapons of mass affection. A wet nose, a wagging tail, a friendly purr, and soft snuggly fur remain a strong hold of the pet arsenal. In a few short moments a pet can bring us from a face full of tears to a face full of cheers.

They always aim to please expecting nothing in return. I have never heard of a dog not loving his master because his master forgot say “I love you”, or a cat ignoring her caretaker because they got home late from work. Wait, I am talking about cats so actual results of the previous statement may vary.

My point is that we could learn a tremendous amount about humility and humanity from our pets. Humans using the powers gained by observing our pets could one day actually bring about world peace. In the mean time we take it one heart at a time.

The next time you find yourself alone, hurt, sad, or frightened, just find your furry friend, open up your heart, and let the power heal you.

Bill Clanton E-mail:


It was October, 3rd 2003, my 15th birthday. Homecoming at school, some friends and I got out early. A friend of mine takes me to her friends house, I had never met her.She lived in a trailer, with her mom, two children, and two animals. One of those animals was Damen (Baby as we now call Him). When we got into the house it was covered in trash, the dog smelled, but it was fat, so that meant it probably ate well. But there was a kitten in the four foot kitchen. A gate blocked him from getting out. He was too weak to do anything. The old owner told me her son would throw him in the corner and urinate on him, but she didn't care, "she didn't care what he did." So, she asks if any of us want a cat, everyone said no except me, I said, my mom probably would not let me have it. So I'm leaving the house, it smells horribly bad in there. Beer cans and food all over. Then she threw the kitten over the gate, he was about three months old, as skinny as a twig, and FILTHY. I was leaving, the cat was trying to get out to. I asked,"can he go outside", the mother of the girl says, "I don't care what Damen does." So I'm running home, I want that cat. I live 90 feet away from the trailer court. I'm asking my mom if I can have him, she says no at first then agrees to see him. My sister runs to the trailer, I told her where they lived and she came back. It was like he was really happy to get out of there, because he didn't squirm or move a lot like he usually does. After my sister gets home my mom is SHOCKED at how he looks. We feed him a can of canned cat food, he PUSHES my female cat, who is now a year in June, a month older, and smaller then him by a lot away from even getting to the can. He was THAT hungry. After he ate, had his fill, we gave him a bath in Dawn hand soap. He actually enjoyed it. So now he's clean, and he uses the LITTER BOX, which we did not know. He has had the long term affect on him though. Since, he was so badly neglected, he eats hair ties and other odd objects and throws them up. My other cat Pepsi, does not do anything but play with them. We got him fixed and declawed a couple of months ago. Now he is FAT, HEALTHY, and HAPPY. Pepsi is his girlfriend. They do EVERYTHING together. I think without us he would have died. He is spoiled and just like a young child. We named him Baby because when he cries to go outside or to play he sounds just like one. He also knows how to fetch, SIT!, and he loves laying on laps. When he purrs it makes everyone feel better. I am glad we got Baby, we should have reported the owner, but it's too late, no proof! But they sure don't know what they are missing out on. A very wonderful loving cat..

I was fortunate this time, next time she'll have tags

Image I was fortunate this time, next time she'll have tags Both of my kitty cats had been abandoned by previous owners. I took Prowler in 11 years ago when he was about 6 months old - skinny as a rail, starving for food & affection. My MereMere girl came to us 1-1/2 years ago when she was about 4 years old - scraggly, matted, & dumpster diving for food.

They had their differences with each other, but got over them for the most part. Since both have the taste & need for the outdoors, possibly because they had to fend for themselves or maybe it is just their natural instinct, I allow them to be indoor/outdoor pets since I live in a rural area - I know this fact may not sit well with some people, but I truly believe my babies would not be happy if I kept them contained to the house.

They know my schedule - when I get up & leave for work, when I get home, when I go to bed, etc. They also know when it is the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday they get canned cat food treats - and they NEVER miss partaking in that! To my dismay, MereMere was not at the door this morning when I got up. Ok, so it was a bit later than usual (8am instead of 6-7am), so I figured she got tired of waiting & went off to sleep in the shed (where I do have sleeping accomodations for them - a pillow & blanket for each).

I started my coffee, put on my shoes & jacket, & walked out to the shed. No baby kitty cat. Ok, she's out & about somewhere, but I know she'll be home soon. 10 minutes.... 30 minutes.... 1 hour.... Now I decide to take a walk thru the front & back yards, along the road, thru the plowed corn field to call and look, look and call, call and look. MereMere doesn't come home. More minutes and hours go by, I ask Prowler to go find his sister, he comes back with no answers. I cry. Now it's noon time & I'm going to an adoption party for friends that had been trying to have a baby for years and were lucky enough to become parents thru adoption. My mind is still on MereMere so I leave after 2 hours.

Hoping against hope that she'll be waiting at the door when I get home. She's not. I take another walk thru the shed, yard, field. Prowler comes with me. Nothing. Did she get run over by a car? I think not because she's skittish by the noise & I didn't see a body along the roadside. Did a racoon or other animal outwit her? Possibly. Did some person find her & is taking care of her? Possibly, but she doesn't have an ID TAG so they can call me.

More crying. Thoughts running thru my head. Hoping she didn't suffer (by now it's been over 18 hours and I'm pretty much resigned to the fact she's never coming home). Because how could I be so stupid??? Not for the fact that I let my cats go outside, but because I don't have tags on her. No one knows she's mine. No one can call and let me know. More crying - the heart wrenching, soul breaking kind.

The outer door is closed, but the inner is open so I can see on the porch easier. But it's getting cold so I need to close the door. I walk up to the doorway, take one more look on the porch, knowing I won't see my little girl...................... Is my imagination playing tricks, my wishful thoughts & prayers having fun on my part? But no, there was my beautiful MereMere waiting at the door to come in like nothing was amiss. As I opened the door, the tears of happiness were streaming - and I knew I'd follow thru with the promise I'd made to myself earlier - if she came home, both of my babies were going to wear collars & tags.

She had been gone for over 18 hours. After she had a bite to eat, I picked her up, hugged her more than she probably wanted to be, and smelled her. She didn't smell like she'd been outside for too long. So my best guess is someone DID take her in & cared for her, she "broke free", and came back home. But...... if I would have had a tag on her, I would not have had to go through the agony & worry and she would have been home much sooner. Luckily, I did have a happy ending to this story and I'm writing this in hopes that no one has to have a sad one.

Precious Baby

Image Precious Baby I am 50, disabled and a recluse. For reasons I will never no, I sat on my enclosed pool area Nov 2nd 2007 and heard a faint meow. I thought I was losing my mind, as usual. I heard it again and again. I decided to investigate. Inside our bouganvillia, which is thorny and tangled, was a pitch black Hemingway kitten! The neighbors behind us told their 10-yr old daughter they gave the kitten to an old lady that lost her dog. Baby turned my life around! I drive everywhere with her. She plays fetch with a ball! She has to sleep with me. Even my parents love her and they have never liked cats before. Baby is an Angel that was sent from God to turn me around and it has worked. I am so grateful and so happy again. We just lost our dog Hobie after 13 years a Border Collie and baby slept with his collar for a week. The vet placed her birthday on Sept 12th to match mine. Not even 6 months old and she has made this lady feel so much better. Pets really do help those of us that are sick. God Bless all the little ones.

Rufus returned

Image Rufus returned We're in our Senior year at Virginia Tech and Rufus, my pug puppy is getting an education for my final year. I travel alot during the school year and Aunt Parr keeps him. The long story shorten is that Aunt Parr lost him on a cold night in Blacksburg, VA. He got lost on one of the farms at VT while they were cleaning the BBQ cooker. I returned to find all my friends searching for Rufus with no success. It was a long night and the following day, we started again at daylight, again no Rufus. So after classes, I got the posters ready and Parr & I were headed out to put them up. I heard a knock on the door, thinking it was Parr, but it wasn't. It was Rufus in the arms on a really nice guy who was walking his dog along one of the paths near the cow pasture and saw a little black dog in the field. So he threw his big dog into the cow pasture, the dogs had a little playtime, then he called his dog which returned with Rufus at his side. He didn't even call me, he just showed up at my apartment since Rufus was wearing your tag with his name, my name, address, including apartment number and cell number. Mama said Rufus couldn't leave home until his tag arrived. Boy am I glad. Rufus is safe and sound because a one little tag and a kind person. He didn't want the reward - only homemade cookies & beer! Don't have a dog without a tag on his collar.

Layla- Her pet tags brought her home!

Our pet cat Layla did not come home one night , which it is not like her. She was missing for almost a month and half. We put out flyers, newspaper ads and rode all over our neighborhood for days with no luck. We finally decided that she will never come home to us. The phone rang, a lady 20 miles from us called to say she has our cat, she finally was able to catch the cat after over a month of her feeding homeless cats that come to her, which was out in the country. She read the TAGS I bought from your site. WE HAVE OUR LAYLA back!

saffie tallulah

Image saffie tallulah This is Saffie Tallulah, my female black cat. She is very naughty by waking me up every morning. This is her by the back door singing
after she got me up out of bed. She also has a sister Millie Dewdrops, a tortoiseshell. She can be a devil at times but not as bad as Saffie Tallulah.

I had two Japanese Chins, a father & son. The dad kept fighting his son and my sister-in-law saw the son, Walker Texas Ranger who was 2 years old and fell in love with him. Chins are beautiful, loving dogs. Kinda rare, with pushed in faces. I reluctantly let her have him. I made her promise me if she couldn’t keep him or didn’t want to keep him for any reason to bring him back to me anytime. I loved him and only let him go to have a better life.

I keep my babies till their time comes, but his dad was too old to rehome and it wasn’t fair with the fighting. Most male Chins are not fighters. They are very docile.

Four years went by and they were happy and he was happy. Thjen my ex sister-in-law got divorced from my ex brother-in-law and still wanted to keep him. One day I got a call and the lady said “Did you lose a white and black Pekinese female?” I said “I’ve never owned one” but then it dawned on me and I said, “Are you sure it’s not a male Japanese Chin?” She checked the gender and it was male. I said “Yes! It is mine!” She said she was in Jacksboro Texas and I live in Watauga. That’s a very long ways away. I made arrangements to pick him up.

I never one time heard from my ex sister-in-law. I was very upset. He was found on a busy highway like 30 to 40 miles away. I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t know if she gave him away or what?? He still had his tags on from when she got him from me 4 years ago. The lady that found him was a rescuer, thankfully. I couldn’t believe they never changed his tags.

They were the same ones with my name, address # & same rabies tag vet tag. I guess she didn’t take care of him. He also was micro chipped in my name but that’s only good if scanned. If he'd not had the tags on I may not of ever got him back home with me. By that time his dad had passed away. I had him till he passed from congestive heart failure at about 10 yrs old. Please consider this if you do have to rehome a pet that you’d take back if it didn’t work.

I don’t have a pic to show right now. It was a miracle I got him back & it was a miracle he survived. He had medical issues: asthma, collapsing trachea, seizure disorder, brachia cephalic. He had a broken pelvis. A bike fell over on him early on so it was a true miracle he survived out loose on a busy highway for how ever long. And again I’ve never- not once- heard from my ex sister-in-law.

I had him about 4 yrs after I got him back. He passed away in 2007. Rest in peace, Walker. You had an adventurous life.

Awesome Tags!

Image Awesome Tags! I recently placed my order for my puppies tags. They came very quickly and I LOVE them! I had thought about getting I.D. tags at my local pet store. Ordering them from your site not only saved me money, but allowed me to put more information on the tags. I feel great knowing my babies are now easily identified if they were to unexpectedly get lost. Here is LULU showing off her new tag. THANK YOU!

Bongo the Escapee

Our Chihuahua got out of our fenced in yard this weekend. The gate was left open by a visiting child. We were frantically looking everywhere him, but no sign. An hour after we started looking, a woman down the street called. She found him and called the number on his tag. I had order the tags from 2 weeks before and put them on him just 3 days before the big escape. These tags are so cheap it is just a matter of taking the time to order them. If your pet does not have one take it from me get one and put it on your pet.

Buddie & Lily Bean

Image Buddie & Lily Bean This is Buddie (Black and White) and Lilly Bean (Orange), both are strictly indoor cats. I went online searching for pet tags after a scare that Buddie gave us.

He found a great hiding place that we could not find, so we thought that he had gotten outside so we headed out to hang lost cat signs and shortly after we got back he comes walking across the room as if we weren't just frantically trying to find him. Thank goodness it was a scare as they did not previously wear pet tags.

The experience has been great w/ Love Your Pets. I have since ordered all my pets tags and have recommended them to my friends. Thanks!

Check out my new tag!

Image Check out my new tag! Here is Louie, showing off his new tag from Love Your Pets ID Tags. Even though he spends most of his time indoors, pets have a mind of their own! If he was to ever accidentally get away from me, my information will always be on him. THANK YOU!

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