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In Memory

Gone but not forgotten... Send us a memory of your beloved pet.

Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.......

Babe, We Love You

Babe, we love you and miss you. You gave us love and joy for 16 years. You were the best cat ever.


Image Bambam Bambam will be gone 4 years on 11-02-02 and every day he is being missed. I had a lil short time with him when he passed away at age 3 years. I really do miss him and will never forget him. love alwayz.

Billy the Kid

Image Billy the Kid I adopted Billy from the local shelter. I didn't think that I was going to get him because another person had put in an application for him. I was suprised when I got the call. I have a thing for weastern stories so i named him Billy the Kid aka William H Bonney. Billy loved to travel and met people. He loved kids and they him. They would play fetch his way, which was to throw the ball, Billy would go get it then run like mad while you tried to get the ball.He would go with me on trial rides, hiking and camping. He was my best friend and I still miss him very much.

Boshar aka BooBoo

Boshar was a puppy my dad found on the freeway when I was in the fourth grade. My mom didn't want to keep her but my dad insisted that she chose him to be her owner. She was the best dog in the world. She was loyal to our family and protective of us when she needed to be. She was mostly Chow Chow but mixed with something else because she was short and had some pink in her mouth. I've never met another dog like her in all my years, including my own dogs now :) She was my dads 5th child and her death was really hard for him. I know shes still watching over us. We miss her and think about her often. She passed away Thanksgiving day 2 years ago.... :(

Disney. my family

Disney was more than just a pet to me, she was a real part of my family. she was around ever since I can remember, we "grew up" together. We were the same age. She was born the same year as me, and I really felt like she listened to me, understood me, and knew what I was feeling. If I felt bad she always came up and laid right on my lap, she responded to me when I talked to her, without even saying her name. I just hope that she is okay out there and I hope to meet her again some day, in the next world. Till then I can only hope she knew how much she meant and still means to me.

Ellie Belle May,17 1998-Sept,6,2009

My dear Ellie Belle.Oh,dear Ellie.
You brought me so much joy in the years you were with me.
You did not know why I did it,but it was for you,my darling baby.
You were scared.Your last hours of life was "hell" for you,I know.
You did not understand.
I had to decide whether to let you suffer or put you to sleep forever.
Of course,I am not a cruel person and in the end,I decided to take you on you last car ride to the vet.
He pushed the needle into your leg and pushed to trigger once he went into a blood vessel.
As your heart stopped,you looked up a me with your big,brown eyes, took your last breath and peacefully went to sleep forever.
I buried you in your favorite place to play,beside the entrance to the doggie grave yard.You loved that spot.I guess because we've buried so many of your friends there.
I put a pot of pink flowers on your grave and every time I visit your grave,I remember all the ups and the downs and all the times you brought happiness and joy to me and my family.
I love you,Ellie dear.
May you rest in peace and you love up all the new arrivals up there at rainbow bridge with your barks and licks.
Love you da baby.

Emily, our delicate flower

Image Emily, our delicate flower Emily we will miss you so much! You were always so delicate and even when you were so sick you never complained and were so sweet and gentle. We love you and words cannot explain how full we feel from your love.

Forever Friend.

Image Forever Friend. Kang was the best dog! All the bad press about American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT)is a bunch of "hooey!" Kang was loving and kind and the sweetest dog, totally devoted to my son, Ian. He was happy just being with Ian. He loved to ride in the car and especially liked spring poles! This beautiful, sweet dog's life tragically ended on New Year's Day 2007. But he will never be forgotten and in our hearts forever! We'll see you on the other side, dear friend.

Foxy lady

Image Foxy lady Our dear Foxy came to us out of nowhere on July 6, 2004. She was skinny and very scared of everything. We took her in and loved her with all of our hearts. Foxy was a very kind soul. She was a beautiful German Shepherd mix. There will never be another kind soul like her. She had so much unconditional love for everyone around her. We will miss her so much. I know she is Heaven now where she belongs with the rest of the angels. Love you my baby girl. She passed away today August 12, 2009 may God rest her kind soul.

Gabe, My Angel

Image Gabe, My Angel Gabe, my angel, my baby, Mommy loves you and misses you painfully. I'll find you again one day at Rainbow Bridge. I keep you with me every moment of every day. I love you Gabey Baby!!!

Gabriella, you are missed very much

Gabriella was the gift my family gave to my grandma a few years ago for christmas. My grandmother loved this bird with all of her heart and when he passed she was heart broken. Gabriella was the sweetest bird and a lovely animal. I just want to say Gabriella you will be missed and you will always be in all of our hearts. We will meet you in heaven when the day is right. We love you and miss you so much!

Gentle Tinker

Image Gentle Tinker Miss you Tink. I was just remembering the first day we met. I sat on the floor of the animal shelter and you came and sat in my lap -- that's all it took! A little ball of fluff who loved to suck on her brother's tail while he was sucking on my shirt sleeve. I will always have wonderful memories of a gentle kitty who freely gave her love and befriended everyone who came by. And when you were older, you were such a tolerant kitty to tolerate Emma's insistent grooming from your head to your tail. It was so sweet to watch. I take comfort in knowing that you had a long, lovely life and now reside in heaven with Baily, Nicky, Bodie, and Lovebug as your companion. Miss you sweet baby...

Ginger, you were my best friend and i miss you so much!

Ginger, you were my Christmas present of 98'. Not until recently did I find out that my mom got you from a pet shop that rescued you and your siblings who were found almost frozen to death. I am very glad that my mom was a part of this miracle. Only one month later we had a fire in our house and it destroyed everything, only left with ashes. Miracously you survived because, Ginger, you are a fighter and a determined animal. I love you so much! You put a smile on everyones face and were so full of life. You slept on my bed every night and greeted me in the morning. Last night i came upstairs to find you lying on the ground moaning and coughing. I picked you up and i think you passed not too shortly after that. I brought you down stairs and my dad tried to do mouth to mouth resecitation and we brought you to the vet. Unfortunatly we lost you. It was so sudden but I am trying to take this the positive way by remembering all the wonderful times I had with you. I am greatful for the 7 years I spent with you, not mad that I couldnt spend more years with you. I love you! My family, myself and god all have a special place in our hearts for you! I miss you and love you G-Baby!!


Image GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN... Gone but never forgotten... Isis LaRue was born August 8, 2005 and went to Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2006. Isis LaRue was born to horror in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. There he was put through much fear until being saved. He survived the hurricane along with his brother, Mittens. After surviving this, he was sent to a place where he and his brother were to be put down to since they had to many cats rescued and nowhere to go with them. Castaways saved Mittens and Isis LaRue and they were sent to a foster mom, Kathy who raised them the next few months back to health. She loved them like her own. Later Kathy found Mittens and Isis LaRue an wonderful and loving permanent home. Isis LaRue was an awesome kitten. He ended up being the spotlight of a 5 year old daugter, Alexis's eye. He would allow her to push him in the stroller, rock like a baby and snuggle all times of the day. At night, he would snuggle under the blankets with Alexis and sleep with her most of the night. On Friday during the day he appeared to be fine. Friday evening, Isis LaRue started showing symptoms of something wrong. Immediately Saturday he was taken to the vet. At the vet, he was diagnosed with FIP. His new parents were told he would die within the next week and would suffer greatly in pain before he passed on. They had to make the heart wrenching choice to put him down and let him go to God before the pain hit worse. Isis LaRue will be missed dearly by both Alexis and her family as well as Kathy who stayed in touch with her foster cats. Mittens will miss his brother as well and maybe in time will get a new step-brother or sister to spend loving moments with. No cat will EVER take the place in their hearts as Isis LaRue was truly one of a kind. The Schultz Family and Kathy too...

Goodbye good friend

Image Goodbye good friend

Hairy Monster

Image Hairy Monster My beloved Monster - I can never replace you or the love you gave me over the twelve years you were in my life. I will miss your swagger, snorring, and warm furry body curled up next to me in bed at night. I'll cherish the times in the mornings you would sit with me as I drank my coffee, and sitting with you outside watching the birds. I love you and miss you terribly.

Hallie Mae

Image Hallie Mae

It was six years ago this summer that my dearest Hallie Mae came into my life. I had been torturing my parents my entire sixth grade year begging them to let me get a guinea pig. I even crafted a ridiculously big poster one evening in hopes that it would persuade them. After much deliberation, they agreed, and it was only a matter of time before I would get one. Still on the look-out for the ideal guinea, my parents and I traveled to Nebraska for a family reunion that summer. Driving around Lincoln one day we came across a PetSmart. I insisted we stop the car. This was the place. This is where I would find my beloved guinea. I layed my eyes upon Hallie Mae for the first time, and she was perfect. After that, I never left home without her. She went on all of our camping trips to Idaho, Washington, California, Canada... everywhere we went, so did she. She had a happy, albeit short life. She passed away on Oct. 31, 2004. You will never be forgotten, Hallie Mae. Your squeaks, your nibbles, your kisses. I love you.

Happy Then Sad....

Image Happy Then Sad.... Wendy was a purebred sarplanac. We got her from my uncle Frank. She lasted our family a good 5 years. We miss her so much. I wish it was just a dream the day my brother woke up weeping when she died...I miss you Wendy

I love and miss you sasha so much i wish you were here

My dog Sasha was my very first dog. She had 12 puppies. We picked one of her puppies out and we named him Bear. Sasha is very loved. She wouldn't eat or drink so we put her to sleep. It was sad:( I didn't go to school for 4 weeks thats how much i love and miss her.) She's lucky to have a friend like me. Im saying right now no one can replace the very loved and missed and their first its not the same

I love you Jazz

Image I love you Jazz I got Jazzmine when she was 8 weeks old and she was best buddy ever since. She loved to go camping, go for rides, go snowmachining and go for walks. When you mention the word "go" she was all excited, she didnt care what we were going to do, she was always ready. There was not a human she did not like, she loved everyone, and when I got a boston terrier puppy, she accepted her right away and would play fight with her all the time, she rolled on her back and let the boston attack her, they too were best of buds. Now we have a huge hole in our hearts as we just lost Jazz on 2/16/07 due to a neck and spinal condition, it was the worst day of my life. I stayed with her till the end and told her how much she was loved. We love and miss you Jazzer !!

I miss Monster man

Image I miss Monster man I miss him so much but he will always be in my heart. And he was warm. I miss his kisses and his meow but i know he is in a happier place.

I miss my doggy!

Image I miss my doggy! Tuffy (my dog) just passed away in November. She was getting old and my dad came home and found that Tuffy had a hole in her side and was still alive. He took her to the vet and the vet took some X-rays and said it wasn't a bullet that had made the hole and he didn't know what is was. So my dad had to leave the vet's office to pick me up from school and the vet called while he was picking me up and the vet had got to looking at the X-rays and found that Tuffy had bad cancer in her stomach and he said the best thing to do was to put her down. She probably would have lived a little longer if she hadn't had the hole in her. It was very sad and every time I see a dog I just break out in tears. I miss Tuffy!!

I miss my sweet Trixie

Image I miss my sweet Trixie She was sweet and and always playful and Brownie's best friend. She died a slow and painless death of antifreeze poisoning. I miss her but she will always be in our memory and our hearts.

i miss u so much harley

Image i miss u so much harley i miss u. You had your moments of terrorizing things but all in all he was a good dog. He came in to my life when he was 12 weeks old and sadly he got hit by a car. We will miss u harley

I'm Sorry You're Gone

We had you since you were a pup. You were the cutest thing I've ever seen. When you turned two you had your puppies and even though most of them didn't make it, you still stayed strong. At five you got cancer and we had it removed. You beat that one. You always remained strong. One day my parents told me if I take you for a walk don't forget your leash but I figured you would be fine. I guess I was wrong. I guess I should have listened 'cause now you're gone and I blame myself. All you wanted to do was get to me when you crossed that street but a cop car going 50 took you away from me. Everyday I think of you and it makes me cry. I wonder if I'll see you again. I wonder if you will want to see me when I go into heaven. I just hope you still love me like I love you. I miss you so much Sam. You were still a puppy at heart. I'll never forget all the good times we had.

in loving memory

Dear readers, it has been two years since I lost my cat. I have learned that you need to spend every bit of time with your pet or when it dies you will regret every second you didn't spend with them. My cat was attacked by wild dogs while I was at school. We took her to the vet and they told us that she was going to die soon and to be ready when it happend. I felt so lost!

In Loving Memory - Ginger

Image In Loving Memory - Ginger Ginger - you were such a great girl. We miss you terribly!

In Loving Memory of Chip

Image In Loving Memory of Chip When daddy and I rescued you from being put to sleep in the Muskegon Animal Shelter in Michigan, you just stole our hearts! After losing you May 12,2006 a part of us went with you. You will be missed very much. You always were momma's boy but loved your daddy and sister sara (golden retriever/chow mix). She misses you very much and walks out smelling for you. I still wish you were here, but I know in my heart you always will be. Love, Mom and Dad

In Loving Memory of Isis LaRue

Image In Loving Memory of Isis LaRue Isis LaRue was born August 8, 2005 and went to Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2006. Isis LaRue was an awesome kitten. He was the spotlight of my 5 year old daugter, Alexis's eye. He would allow her to push him in the stroller, rock like a baby and snuggle all times of the day. At night, he would snuggle under the blankets with Alexis and sleep with her most of the night. On Friday, Isis LaRue started showing symptoms of something wrong. Immediately Saturday I took him to the vet thinking he had the flu and was dehydrated. He was diagnosed with FIP. I was told he would die within the next week and would suffer greatly in pain. We had to make the heart wrenching choice to put him down and let him go to God. I did this with great pain and love for him. Isis LaRue will be missed dearly and no cat will ever take his place in our hearts. He was one of a kind.

In Memory - Big Boy

Image In Memory - Big Boy In 1996 my parents and I moved to a small horse farm they had purchased in NJ. A few months later a "visitor" arrived. He was a large cat with thumbs, yes thumbs. Not one of us had ever seen a cat with SIX toes, yet this cat had six on each front paw (It was so cool to see the mitten-shaped paw prints that he left in the snow.) After several weeks it became apparent that he had adopted us as his new family; he was there waiting patiently every morning and each night at the backdoor for his meow mix; so we gladly accepted the honor and quickly began to search for a name; nothing seemed right for this beautiful cat, so the nickname "Big Boy" just stuck. When the barn cat that we already had, Misty, became deaf and had a hard time seeing, Biggie keep a careful eye on her, making certain she didn't wander too close to the horses or near the road. When she passed a few years ago Big followed in her paw prints of showing his appreciation of us by bring the occasional chipmunk or mouse, in exchange for his meow mix. He rarely left the property and he spent his days with his German shepherd, Baron. About a year ago, Big lost his hearing and sight and Baron made sure to keep an eye on him so he didn't wander too close to the horses or into the road. Baron passed away in October of 2006, and Big Boy just left us this past week. I am sure he met up with his buddy in the great beyond. Biggie, you chose us and there is no greater honor than that! You gave us much love and no words can describe how much you will be missed. I am glad you are now with Baron, your partner in crime, but you will never be missed and never forgotten.