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Gone but not forgotten... Send us a memory of your beloved pet.

Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.......

My Sheila girl

Image My Sheila girl I lost my Sheila girl oktober 2006. Kidney failure, she was only 10 and a half, and left behind a big hole in my heart. She was my first cat and even though she was difficult, she was also sweet and lovely and cute and funny and she was mine. I miss her coming to me to sit on my lap, I miss her greeting me at the door when I come home, I miss her nose-to-nose goodmorning, I miss her goodnight headbut, I Miss Her.

My Spinner-Bait, My Baby Girl

Image My Spinner-Bait, My Baby Girl This is Spinner-Bait, my beloved Boxer. In March of 2001, my brother brought his 7 month old Boxer to me and said you or the pound. So, I took her. The way she got her name was, the first night I had her, she keep spinning and spinning, trying to chase her nubby tail. I told my husband we should name her Spinner. With him being a fisherman, he added Bait on the end. We lost her to brain cancer in June, 2007. She would have been seven. She will be dearly missed by me & her mutt sister Dutchess. We love you, Spinner-Bait!!!!


Image MY SWEET "BABY" GIRL BABY was with our family a very long time. She was the sweetest girl ever. Baby is missed deeply but will remain in our hearts forever. R.I.P ~ 8-15-2008

My Sweet Boy!

I just wanted to remember my sweet boy Rascal!He was 15 years old when he passed away on January 26,2008.Rascal was a very sweet boy who loved everyone! I know you are no longer in pain and that you're up in heaven playing with your sisters Cookie and Cinnamon! Your sister Ginger misses you very much. Grandmamma and I miss you very much also!

My Sweet Nicky

Image My Sweet Nicky More than 12 years ago, Nicky was found abandoned in a nearby park by my neighbors. It was the 4th of July weekend and very hot. He was 4 weeks old, sick, and so very scared. I took Nicky in and nursed him back to health, and from the moment he was in my loving arms, I became his mom. As an adult, he never ventured far from me or home. Nicky was always by my side, playing hide-n-seek or tag, giving me sweet face-rub kisses, crying for me if I was out of sight, yet nearby. So many wonderful years together -- ended so unexpectedly and profoundly. Nicky will always be in my heart and thoughts. And not not one day without him will diminish my love...Bye sweet baby Nick...Nicolino...Nick-Knock... Nickels. Nicky -- you are missed more than you could possibly comprehend.

My Tobey "Toberlarone"

Tobey was my grandparentís dog and then I was blessed to call him mine. Tobey loved food. Not his food...people food. Grandpa used to feed him anything and everything he wanted. Tobey was a best friend to all of us grandchildren and the teeth that ate our shoes. My Grandma used to get so mad because he would tear up any shred of paper left within his reach and it would be from one end of the house to the other. He loved his toys and ours. Once he got a hold of our toys they became his and he would hide them in his toy box. Yes that's right our Tobers had a toy box. He became mine after my Grandpa passed in 2006 and I couldn't have felt more blessed to take care of him. Maybe it's crazy but my Tobey was sanity when my Grandpa was called Home. I loved that balding, barking, hyper dog more than anyone knows. But April 7th, 2009 he was also called Home and it was the hardest decision I ever had to help him make. He was 15 and still pretty spry for an old man, but his injury and the cancer couldn't be helped. I miss him so much. But I know that he is Home with Grandma and Grandpa eating all the hot dogs he wants. I love you my Toberlarone, my best friend.

My two Companions

Image My two Companions Lady and Sandy were two wonderful and loving companions to me. I loved them both very much.

Sandy was part Siamese with blue eyes. She had a mind of her own. She liked to sit on the railing of the porch and watch what was going on. Sandy when she wanted to be was a very loving cat and when I would sit in my chair she liked to sit on my lap and just purr up a storm. She passed away with kidney problems on 16Jul03.

Lady was a white poodle/terrier mix. she was so full of life. She liked to run and play, go for rides in the car and sit on my lap and stick her head out the window, let the air and bugs hit her in the face. She also liked to go for walks. She would hold her head up high throw her tail in the air and strut. In her younger days she liked to chase her buddy Sandy. Lady had a good life even in her elder years. She was my buddy and my little girl. When she did something wrong she would hang her head and her tail at the same time and head for the bedroom to hide. She passed on Feb 2008. She was 18 years old.

Our Angel, MEL

Image Our Angel, MEL Mel was adopted by my husband and I, from a rescue shelter after finding out she had been abused,a month after we got engaged in 1995. We've moved three times and had 2 kids, and Mel was always our first baby. The kids loved her as much as we did. And Mel was always the sweetest dog. In September 2005, Mel was diagnosed with skin cancer which in turn spread to her stomach and we had to put her down 2 days after Thanksgiving. This totally ruined our holidays. To Mel: Our sweet baby in heaven, we love you and you will never be forgotten......and please take care of Mazey......WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!

Our little CiCi

Image Our little CiCi I got CiCi in 1993 from my father and step-mother for my birthday while in Texas. He was the last birthday gift I got from my father and step-mother because the both passed away a couple months later. In the meantime my husband and I lost our loving Taffy to cancer (within 3 weeks of being diagnosed with prostate cancer). CiCi was only 2 years old when I got him. My parents rescued him from a abusive situation and he wouldn't take to them but he took to me. I feel that he knew what I was going through with the loss of Taffy and he filled the empty spot in my heart. I paid for a airline ticket and flew him back home to PA with me. He was loved by everyone who met him during the years he was with me. He was always by my side and he never let anyone he didn't know get near me. He was his daddy's little buddy. CiCi and his daddy had a ritual that they would do. Daddy would walk into the bedroom shuffling his feet and CiCi would start barking while in his bed and his bed would bounce all the way to the bathroom door (it was so funny to watch this) and daddy would bark back. We lost CiCi on Sunday, August 13, 2006 to a stroke. It was the hardest thing I had to deal with since the passing of my folks because I felt that I lost the last link to my folks. He will always be our "little sexy butt" as that is what we nicknamed him. There will never be another Chihuahua that will be like him. My husband and I now have 2 babie Chihuahuas and they have some big shoes to fit but they will be their own little Chihuahuas. CiCi, mommy and daddy miss you so much but we know that you are in heaven with your big sister, big brother and your grandparents. You will will be a little guardian angel. We Love You.

Our Little MJ

Image Our Little MJ We lost our little MJ on Nov. 27, 2006. It was the worst day of our lives. MJ was a perfect dog. He loved everyone he met. He followed me everywhere & he slept with me every night. He was only 8 when he died and we only had him the last 3 years of his life. MJ is sadly missed & will be in our hearts forever.


Image OUR MIMI Mimi was a Sealyham terrier ( many thought she was a white Scottie )
Scotties, Westies, and other terriers are her cousins.

Mimi was fearless except when a pan made noise or when she had to be groomed. God blessed us with almost 14 years with her and we miss her terribly.We know she's with her cousin Barney ( a westie who passed in June at the age of 18 ! ).

Our Precious Gift

Image Our Precious Gift He found us almost 2 years ago after wandering around for 6 months. We fell in love with him from the moment we saw him. He passed away on June 12, 2007 in late morning. He was the kindest animal I've seen. He allowed the pigeons to drink from his bowl as he waited patiently and even allowed two stray cats to have his bed while he slept on the floor. He came into our lives and showed us so much love and he will never be forgotten. WE love you Maxi Boy, our sweet baby.


Image Precious My dog she a boxer and blood hound mix. She loved kids and was very playful. She got shot and killed by sum dude. She is loved and missed so much.

Puss-N'Boots Never Came Home

Image Puss-N'Boots Never Came Home It was a Friday afternoon, and my kitty Puss-n-boots, use to love to sleep on the neighbors porch in the morning sunlight. Puss-n-boots was 7 years old and NEVER went more than 100 feet from the front door. On that very Friday afternoon, Puss-n-boots was lying on the porch at the neighbors(they never cared he was on their porch) and that was the last I saw of him. The neighbors moved out that weekend, and my cat never came home. I posted missing posters around the neighborhood, and I had several family memebers search for miles each way for him. I am saddened by this loss, for I feel like he was stolen. He was a very friendly and loveable kitty, and was my very first pet. I just don't understand...he never went near the road, in all the years I had him, and if he did I would have found him somewhere...Dead...but I didn't he is gone and has been for 2 years now. It breaks my heart if someone did take him, but I guess it breaks my soul that....I will NEVER know what happened to him.

R.I.P Sweetie

Image R.I.P Sweetie Bandit was brought into this world on July 21, 2001. I had been looking for a dog for a few years but I wasn't sure what kind. I was looking through the paper and saw an ad for Wolf-Hybrid/Shepherd puppies ready to go. So I decided to give them a call. I stopped by one day on my way home, I saw his precious face and couldn't say no. He got the name Bandit from the "mask" around his face. He later got the nickname Bam Bam. Come to find out his father was Wolf-Hybrid/Malamute and his mother was Shepherd/Retriever. He may have been a mutt, but he was a beautiful and loving dog. He learned to sit within 10 minutes at only 8 weeks old; the learning never stopped after that. He was enrolled in obedience at 11 weeks, he was the youngest in the class and made the most progress. We were very proud. Unfortunately, he was a mischievous dog. On December 18, 2005 there was a skunk in our yard, and he followed it's scent. He got killed on the road. He is one dog I will never forget.

RIP Daisy Girl

Image RIP Daisy Girl Daisy girl was a hound mix who loved to put her nose to the ground and follow it. Nov. 20, 2007 her nose got her into trouble. I was at work when I got a phone call that Daisy had jumped the fence and was missing so my boyfriend and son went out looking for her. They were calling her name and then could hear her howling in the distance. He knew something was wrong. They found her lying next to the road, still alive, but she couldn't get up. I rushed home from work and we brought her up to the vet. There was nothing we could do. The hit broke her back and she was paralyzed. We had to put her down and it was the HARDEST thing I had to ever do. I had put Henrietta (12 years old) down 4 years ago because she was ill and I did all I could do for her. I knew I was losing her so I had a long goodbye with her but Daisy was only 1 year old and in perfect health. I miss you SO much Daisy and I wish I could kiss and cuddle with you again. Just know I would have done whatever it took to save you if you would have been able to live a normal happy dog life. But there was nothing I could do and that's the hardest thing to deal with. I feel so guilty. We love you and miss you terribly baby girl. You'll NEVER be forgotten.

RIP Gizmo

Image RIP Gizmo Gizmo, I love you and miss you! You were my baby and still are in my heart. I know you are in a safe and loving place. I will never forget you and I could never replace you. I had you since you were a baby. And you past about 5 years old. I will miss you dearly! I love you Gizmo!!!


Romeo was a extremely lively and happy little dog.
He was Black with a white chest and some white on his paws.
He came to our family about a year ago from a neighbor that had had a stroke.
She had to keep him in a cage in the house and outside.
He came to her after being found in a box with his siblings beside the road.
She gave him to us because she knew he would be loved.
Well, after having him for about a year on Monday May 14th 2007 he was playing and was hit by a car.
Our hearts are broken.
We miss him so much.
He was a dear friend.
We will love him always.
Judy S. in N.C.

Roscoe, my buddy

Image Roscoe, my buddy Roscoe,what can I say about him? He was a rescue dog we got at two years old. He was my shadow and a true companion. He was god with our kids. He was and still is part of our family. We are gonna miss you buddy.

Sadie Bear

Sadie was a beautiful black cocker mix. We found her at the pound. The vet estimated she was 2 1/2 years old. She was a mess; underweight, foxtales in her ears etc. Once we got past the medical issues we were blessed to have her almost 10 years. She loved anyone who came into her house. That tail of hers was ALWAYS wagging. She loved to jump like a cat from the floor to the back of the sofa! She loved to put her head on my chest to say she "loved" me. She suddenly lost the use of her back legs the day before Thanksgiving. I had to make the most difficult decision a pet lover had to make and let her go. A friend convinced me to get another animal so I rescued a 4 year old Brittany in December. I still love and miss my Sadie Bear but I am growing to love Calie. She is different in so many ways and I am grateful for that. She is not Sadie and will never replace her nor will I ever forget a wonderful friend and companion. Rest well my little girl your job is done and you did it well.

Samson, We love You

Image Samson, We love You Samson, well he was my best friend. He was a great pyrenees, one of the greatest breeds ever! He was a mush and loving and caring. The best thing was that he protected my family and our property. I have endless stories i will never forget about him. We love you Samson .. RIP 8-20-05

samson, we love you

Image samson, we love you samson, you dont know how much you're missed. when you passed i was torn apart into pieces and its almost been one year and i still cry about it. you were the best and i love you! i have never seen this family be that emotional on the day you passed. it was incredible how much love can be inside a persons heart for one animal. a few years ago when you were getting really sick and literally went to heaven for a minute or two and a vet saved your life i couldnt take it. my parents and family knew in their hearts you were too young to go. you were than diagnosed with adisons disease and got a shot every month. you were a fighter and thats what i love about you ! you are still in our hearts and will forever be !! i hope your happy in heaven, healthy & clean & having fun with our other animals! you are reunited with kingston your best friend and jingles the cat and marshmellow the bird and the hamsters who all died in the house fire but once again you are a fighter and you made it through that expierence even though there was nothing left but ashes of our house... I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOO MUCH !!!

Second Chance

"Tigger" - I rescued you when you were 6 mos old on your last day of life from the animal shelter with a broken leg and an intestinal parasite. You were given a second chance at life...and what a life you made of it. For 17 years you were our constant companion. You endured move after move, and established your territory in each new neighborhood....with battle scars to prove it. You made a lot of friends over the years, and just as many enemies. Still healthy, fit and fiesty...just no match for car. You demanded respect from people, and once you got it, you were their best friend. Your presence is missed. You were one cool cat.

She loved everyone!

Wendy chose us when she was 5 weeks old. We went to look at the litter, and Wendy climbed in to my daughter's lap and fell asleep. Wendy really didn't want much to do with other dogs, but she loved people! Anybody and everybody! We lost her at 5 years old due to Renal Failure. Not only does our family miss her, but our whole neighborhood. We miss you, Bird Dog!

She's gone, but here just the same.

Image She's gone, but here just the same. When I was 5 years old I was surprised Christmas morning with a puppy, 13 years later we were still inseparable. When both of my parents left, Emily "Jingle Bell" was still at my side. Instead of turning to normal teen mistakes, I made myself be the person she thought I was. She saved me and I tried to keep her until the pain couldn't be controlled. Growing up I thought she'd pass when I stopped needing her, and that day will never come. But, I will see her again. :]


Image SHORTIE MY BEST FRIEND Shortie was a gentle kind hearted rednose pitbull. She was born in February 1996 and passed away suddenly on January 25, 2009. She was the best dog anyone could have ever ask for, she was such a gentle sweet girl. She is missed so much, by the whole family. Til we meet again my friend, memories of you fill my heart.

SIR CHANDLER JODRAY Born: July 10th 2000 Past on: 2003

Image SIR CHANDLER JODRAY Born: July 10th 2000 Past on: 2003 SIR CHANDLER JODRAY Born: July 10th 2000 Past on: 2003

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep,
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle Autumn's rain
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.

In memory of my beloved Chandler.

He was a true friend full of love and happiness.

We will always remember his playfulness.

Always holding him dear to our memories.

Rest in peace dear friend.....


Image Smoky I miss you so much Smoky. You were such a joy to wake up to. My heart is overwhelmed with sadness not being able to see your sweet face. I miss playing fetch with you and your favorite toy mouse. I miss how you would run right over to get your treat before the dogs did. I miss holding you. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life through the years.

Snoball waited for him

This was not my dog, but my Uncle Fred's samoyed, Snoball, but he lived with me, so she was always around. She followed my sister home one night, and my uncle took one look at her, and declared that she was his. Years passed, and my uncles health declined to the point where he could not work, and the only thing he could leave the house for was to go to Dialysis (3-4 times a week) or his Cardiologist. Other than that, he was home with his dogs (I am now the proud owner of his 15yr old terrier mix, Shadow) all day every day. He had a massive heart attack on June 13, 2006, and Snoball was already starting to decline rapidly. On July 6, I knew it was her time- she had "the look," plus she hadn't eaten in 4 days, and now would not get up from the foot of his bed, not even to do her business. I spoke with my uncle, and his doctors and nurses for me to bring her to the hospital and then to wheel my uncle outside to say goodbye to her before we put her down. So on July 7, I got Snoball to the hospital, brought my uncle outside so they could spend some time together. My uncle was very upset over the impending loss of his pet, and kept saying that he wished he could go with us to the vet, as he wanted to hold her and be the last face she saw. As soon as she saw him, her eyes lit up, but she was just too weak to get up to meet him, and so I used one of his hospital blankets that was on his lap to carry her to him. I placed her on the ground at the foot of his wheelchair, and he petted her and stroked her head and she licked his hand furiously for a while. It was the sweetest thing you ever saw! Well, Snoball was so happy to finally be reunited with her owner, that within 20 minutes of arriving, she laid her head at his feet and died right there, next to the love of her life, making sure his face was the last she ever saw. My uncle died 3 weeks later, on August 1st, and to this day, that scene of Snoball holding onto life until she could be with Uncle Fred, still brings me to tears. That day proved to me that a dog will do anything for his master.

Sophie's Song

Image Sophie's Song Nine years ago we chose you and you trained us You came home in our van, it became ď your ď bus. Marc and Paul were your boys, you were not interested in other toys. Five months old you were a pup, big paws and head, still growing up. In the your van you rode around, going to Meadview and out of town. When we first took you, down to the dock, your eyes widen, as though you were in shock Your first sight of the big water dish, you stared in surprise at the things, we called fish. You firmly planted big paws at the dock, and refused to walk on the thing that rocked. When you saw your Dad float, you bravely walked out to look at the strange boat. Once again your eyes widening, you turned back to go into hiding. EJ picked you up and stepped in, then your face had a big wide grin. The boat picked up speed, you put your nose in the air, and for the first time, you enjoyed the wind in your hair To the beach we did go, all along, you watched the water flow. Your humans did the strangest thing, diving into the water for a swim. Dadís head suddenly reappeared, but his body had disappeared. We heard a bark and a woof, as you took a second startled look. You did not want to jump in and swim, but with great dignity you walked in. We saw the joy and smile on your face, as in the soft sand, you dug in your own space. You made your needs known with all of those faces, travelling with us to a great, many places Grooming your fur was a pleasure, the time it took, your mum, came to treasure. Donít forget, comb underneath, clean my eyes, my ears and brush my teeth. There were times you made us laugh, when you walked into the shower and waited for a bath. For many years Dad travelled to earn all your kibble, then returned to spoiled you with a tasty nibble. Through the years we walked many miles, bunnies and ducks brought great big smiles. With time on our hands, by the lake we did loiter, while you behaved, more like a pointer. Other times you were all Pyrenees, while you hooked our ankles and nudged our knees. Of independant spirit, loyal, warm and loving, wonderful group hugs, you were giving. Like your family, friends EJ, Jason, Lee and Darlene watched you grow from a pup into a Queen. We would have wished for longer time, our reward in having you in our lives is great and though we will miss you and our hearts feel as though they will break. Now it is our turn, to give you the freedom to fly and let your spirit soar up to the sky. We love you Sophie our Queen, we bid you a fond farewell our friend and companion, Love from your human parents, Mum and Dad Chris and Doug Nanfito