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In Memory

Gone but not forgotten... Send us a memory of your beloved pet.

Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.......

My Lucky 4 leaf CLOVER

Image My  Lucky 4 leaf CLOVER Clover came to me as a rescue. She was very ill when I got her but I loved her so much. We fought together to keep her health as we could. But only 6 months of having her in my life her heart could not take no more and she passed away. It has only been a few days and I miss her so much!!! She was my little tag along. I hope she knew how much I loved her.

My Poodle Angel

Your presence and love were a gift to all who knew you. No one could ever take your place. We miss and love you. Gone but never forgotten.

Our babies are gone

Over the years much love has been given to us by our adorable [ now gone forever}
And others over the years that we have FOSTERED.
We love and miss each and every one
of them who are now in PET HEAVEN...they are and always will hold a place in our hearts.


My little Princess became a part of our family in 1991 She came from someone who loved cat and she was one of the littlest kitten but my 11 year old daughter fell in love with her. So we took her home and loved her and in return she made our days bright and happy. She loved her Ice Cream and cantaloupe. She talked all the time so we never were with out someone to talk to and who talked back. She was lover of birds and other cats and a sweet little dog named Sparkey her cousin. He passed last November. A sad day for his mom and dad. My sad day came July 21, 2010. I loved her and miss her very much. It was hard to say good bye to her but I know it was for her I put her to sleep. She look at me one last time and closed her eyes she when to God and I know in my hear I will meet her again. Much love little Princess from your earth family.

Rescuer's Nightmare

Image Rescuer's Nightmare My mother and I have been involved in rescue for many years and have fosters from several different groups in the KC area, including our own personal cats that we have had for a long time.
On October 3, 2009 we had the ultimate Rescuer's Nightmare. We had a house fire with our precious babies trapped inside. There were so many lost, but so many were saved! And, in a lovely miracle, all the cats that got out of the house into the huge outside world were recovered in less than a week! It blows my mind how amazing our neighbors and vets and the fire crews were. Our neighbors came from 4 blocks away with carriers and kennels to put cats in. Our vet heard about it because the dispatcher called her to let her know they would be bringing a large number of cats up to the clinic. She actually recognized the address as ours and came to our house to help there! She called in all the vets and about half of the techs too! One of those really nice firemen even got bit by my cat, but he didn't drop him!
This truly tragic event continues to plague my mother as she lost precious babies...many that she had since they were kittens!

1) Ruffian
2) Nebula
3) Timone
4) Lilo
5) Stitch
6) Pumba
7) Chester
8) Silver
9) Ruthie Rae
10) Odo
11) Twitch
12) Emmie
13) Liberty
14) Helena
15) Isabella
16) Wink
17) Slice

To Dutchess 1991 - September 25, 2010

Good-bye,sweet Dutchess!
You were the best little cat ever.
You followed us as if you were a dog. You'd always been a very healthy cat, the only times you have gone to the vet was for your vaccines. You were old, nearly 19 years. You were ready, and you told us. It has not been 6 hours since your death, and the house feels empty without your sweet little "hello mewows". the other two house cats, Midnight and Sassy, would not tolerate you, so you lived mostly in your large dog crate. You loved your crate. When we would call you in the house from you sunning on the porch, you would run straight over to your crate and beg to be put in.

We miss you, "Dutchie" and we all love you so much. go now, and visit with you sister, Sweat-pea, and friend, Sia up at the rainbow bridge.
We love you, girl!

To Sia A.K.A Blue Eyes

Dear Sia,
Your death was a accident.
You were starting to lose your sight and you were more skittish because of it. We cleaned your eyes daily so you could use the rest of your sight without difficulty.We found you 2 years after your kittens came to live with us. Sassy loved it inside, while Blackie was an outdoor man. And so were you. You came wandering up with a hurt leg. You had gotten shot in the leg. We took you to the vet to have ex-rays done and intended to have the leg amputated, to keep you from pain and so that you could live a semi-normal life,but the vet had said to leave it on. We took you to another vet, they said the same. So you were a 4-5 year old cat with a bum leg and two vets that said,"no" to amputating it. We guess you lived a pretty good life with your bum leg, although it gave you difficulty at times. Blackie looked after you and he fought all cats that "picked" on you.

This went on for around 8 years, until the dreadful day/night came. We forgot to close the fence to the above ground pool after we went swimming. Later that night, we guess you came up to the porch to sleep and we're guessing something scared you. You must have fallen in the pool. And our sweet,cuddly boylost his life. He drowned. We found you in the pool this morning(5/30/10) You accidentally lost your life on May 29,2010/May 30,2010. We blame the person who shot you because,#1,cruelty to animals,and #2, if he had not shot you,you probably would have been able to have gotten out.

We're sorry, Sia,my sweet little blue eyed boy. We all miss you,especially your son and guardian, Blackie.

K.C. the Cavalier Ruby

Image K.C. the Cavalier Ruby This is K.C. my friend's Cavalier King Charles spaniel Ruby who sadly went to Rainbow Bridge in October 2007. I enjoyed going for walks with him, he was a lovable, huggable dog, and I miss him so much.

My perfect dog named Rocky

I was working at kroger i was a bagger and i did some others things too.i was in front of the service desk so i went up and i said to the u must have 20 dogs.and she said no.i just have my boyfriend dog and my dog and two dogs.she only had the two dogs looking for a home so i took both of them and i took them to get their nails done at petsmart and i got them collar's and leashes too. my mom and i toke them back to the lady i got them at.and my dad and i went back to the lady's house to see if the dogs where there and there where only one left so my dad and i took the one that was left.i had to get my medicine.after i got the dog and my medicine .my dad and i went back my sister and the boys where there,so the oldest boy name matt name the puppy.he named him rocky.i like that name.rocky was a mixed bred.rocky was part retriever and basset hound.he was the best dog in the whole world.i can walk him with or with out a leash. it will be two years on April 8th between 1-4 in the morning.i got Rocky in April and he died in April.i have a picture of him.but i don't know where it id. would like to say.i miss you my big boy.i love i will always miss you.rocky.

Lenny we love you!

We lost our buddy before he was a year. I just want everyone to know how much we miss and loved our puppy. He was a beautiful yellow lab. We will miss you Len Dog!!!!

Bella's puppies

On Christmas day 2009, my mini pom had two cute little puppies. One was perfect all around, but the second one only had three paws. I still loved them both the same. Then bad luck came around and the next day the one with three legs passed away all of a sudden. Then the second one passed away a day later. It's still a mystery of why they passed.

Chance A.K.A T.I

T.I was a Labrador/Pit Bull mix.He belonged to my friends who lived next door. He loved everyone. The only thing he did not like or rather hated was cats and baths.

He acted more of a lovable Lab than a mean Pit Bull.His owners raised him to be a mean dog but he did not have it in him.He was actually taken down once by there female pit, Roxy, who had gotten loose one day while they were gone. I had to pull her off him. I got her back in her kennel and checked T.I. He was fine. A little traumatized,but fine.
This happened 1 year before he died.

He died in January 2009.I do not know the exact date he died.
His death was and still is a mystery.We don't know if he was attacked by a roaming dog(everyone in my neighborhood lets there mean dogs roam the the place)or died from a mysterious disease or was maybe poisoned.His owners had two dogs and 2 puppies poisoned in their yard in daylight while they were gone.

T.I was thought to of died because of freezing to death, although his body was still warm when we found his lifeless body in his doghouse.
We have settled on poison. I am still heartbroken."T-bone"(as what I called him) was a good dog and I loved him like he was my own.
You were a good dog T.I.
Your owners still cry over your loss.
I love you with all my heart.
your best friend,


Cody left us today, at the old age of 14. I got Cody when I was 25 years old. He was just 6 weeks and was a handful from the start. Getting parvo at a few months - he licked it. He was such a fierce watch dog and loyal friend. Cody's health has been slowly fading, and though he was deaf, he would wag his tail when he saw you talking to him. He had the greatest curled tail. I miss you my friend.. it's been less than 12 hours.. I love you.

K-9 Saddie

K-9 Saddie was truly the love of my life. She was my partner in every way, trained in tracking (search & rescue) as well as bomb detection she died in November 2005 from lymphoma. One time when we were flying home from seeing my Mom in Texas there was an unruly group of students on the plane and the flight attendant kindly asked us to help quiet them down. Needless to say after Saddie said a few words showing her teeth there were no further problems. I don't think I'll ever be the same without her. After a police escort through a local park she trained at, she was buried at a friends house next to his police dog.



My Strength

My dog Katy was a Jack Russell terrier. She originally belonged to my husband. I came home one day and her leg had been shattered by our neighbors pit bull. Even though she was in so much pain, she managed to lift her head and wag her tail. My heart melted at that moment. She had such complete faith in me that I would take care of her. So, from that day on she was my dog. Little did I know that one day she would return the favor. My oldest son was poisoned by his wife. We never knew what kind of poison she gave him. He started out with double vision, progressed to having to use a walker and then didn't know who his dad and I were. He had a trach, feeding tube and had to be put into the nursing home. Mike suffered for a year and a half before he died. I stayed with him in the day and his dad at night. I was so exhausted mentally and physically that at times I did not know if I could go on. But, I would go home and my dog Katy would be waiting with those beautiful brown eyes so happy to see me. She would get into my lap and look at me as though she knew what pain I was going through. Always a kiss or several would follow and somehow I would feel like I could go on another day. Katy was diagnosed with heart worms just before my son died. The vet said at her age she couldn't be given anything to kill them but just treat the new ones. So, that's what we did. As long as she had a good quality of life we wanted her to live. When my son died, she was always right by my side as though she knew my pain and wanted to help. And she did help me a lot just by being there. Katy had to be put to sleep seven months after my son died. To this day I miss her so much that it hurts. I know that there has to be a doggie heaven because a dog as sweet as Katy deserves the most special place to run and play free of any pain or illness. I love you Katy, and I will always miss you. Love your mom.

Our Beloved Samantha

After reading the many loving stories about other people and their pets, I decided to submit my own. Our beloved Samantha has been gone for almost 4 years now. She passed on 9/1/2006. She was 16 years old. She suffered a seizure and we had to put her down because the vet suggested it would be the best thing for her since she was in so much pain. It was a hard decision but we knew it was best for her. The vet allowed us to stay with her until she went to that final resting place. We all believe she is heaven waiting for us. Samantha, our beloved baby, we all love and miss you and can't wait to meet you at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

My Kitty Patches

Image My Kitty Patches Please remember my cat Patches like her family remembers her. She was a beautiful kitty who brought her family much joy and happiness. We will forever miss and love her. Till we meet again play and have fun Patches. I love you forever.

To my baby Shadow

We got Shadow from my mother in laws house. He was born to a feral cat. The first time i saw him was love at first sight. He was smaller than the rest of the litter. He was such a cute kitten. I would love the way he would stare into your eyes even if you were holding him and talking to him never looking away. On June 18, 2011 Shadow stopped eating. He also didn't eat that Sunday June 19, 2011. We tried to get him to eat but he would turn his head away. The next day my husband took Shadow to the vet. His body temperature was 97 and it was supposed to be 101. He was given something to get his temperature up. He also had a slow heart rate. He also was given fluids because he was dehydrated. An hour after my husband had dropped him off there was a call from the vet telling him that Shadow had passed away. He was only 7 weeks old. I had become very attached to Shadow even though he was with us a short time. We found out from the vet he had distemper. Shadow had gotten his shots 1 day after getting him. The vet couldn't notice anything wrong with him. The pain and grief i feel is hard at times and in my stomach has affected my appetite and sleep even though i take a sleeping aid. I will sadly miss him and i love him.

To Emme Girl, I miss you!

Sweet Emme,
You belonged to my Uncle's friend.I met you when you were 3 months old. I loved it when your owner would bring you over to my grandparents' house to play in their big fenced in "field". You were so young when you had to be let go. Only 9 months old. My family and I went on vacation to Tennessee when you got hit by a car. You had a habit of climbing over your out door kennel to go swim in the pond across the road. When you were coming back to your home, you got hit by the car. My uncle and your owner took you to the vet to have them ex-ray you and see if you could have a surgery to correct your hips. There was a surgery,but no guarantee that it would help. The vet said you would a have great deal of pain and problems in your hips once in your 6th year of life. Your owner did not want to put you through that, so he decided to let you go to Rainbow Bridge.
You died August 19,2009. I was not here to see you go and say my
good- byes. I miss you, dear Emme girl, and I will never forget you.

Baby Girl

Image Baby Girl Joan was a Humane Society Special at six weeks old, and Special she was. We inherited her from our nephews who were too young at the time to give the pup the very necessary attention a pup requires. She grew up to be the best girl ever. She loved to play and the tail was non-stop as well as her wiggle butt. We had Joan for eight years when she was diagnosed with cancer. The medication she took, gave us nine months more than we ever thought we'd get. We lost her on December 19, 2006. She just couldn't hold out for Santa this year.
We'll miss you forever Baby Girl.


Image Bubba We adopted Freckles through a local animal shelter and got the best Cocker Spaniel ever. At two years of age he was diagnosed with a cancer that is very hard to treat in dogs; Freckles was given a 2% chance of survival, we gave him all we had! After fighting the battle for over a year and a half Freckles was cleared and amazed all vets who had taken care of him. He was all of our miracle dog. And he showed up his appreciation for a full thirteen years of his life. We just lost him June of 2009 and miss him every day. I hear him scratching on the door or running down the hall when I am having a bad day. He is with us always. Freckles will never be forgotten, he was and will always be our miracle.


Image Cookie The best dog we ever had. It was more like having a person around than a dog. We have had four other german shepherds, all great dogs. But you always have the one that steals your heart away and just is what the others can't compare to 100%. Even though we love all our dogs equally, there still is something different with each and every dog you have that touches your heart in a different way. Cookie did this. She could carry on a conversation with you in doggie language. It was great. I could ask her to go get a specific toy, she could. I could ask her to take food off my fork without touching the fork she could. She was our baby for 12 years. 12 special years that we wished so bad we could get back. Someday in heaven, we will!!! Love you Cookster and miss you very much!! Your human sister!!


Image Daisy Daisy was a silky terrier. She died December 2006 at 14 1/2 years old. She was a great dog. She got pretty mean and protective over her owners and food. She was also very aggressive toward other animals but for the most part very nice. She only weighed 10 lbs. but she thought she was a lot bigger. We had a lot of good times with her and miss her but will always remember her.


Image Dakota We adopted Dakota 9 years ago, she was a hyper, slobbering nervous girl, in time she calmed down but the last 3 years of her life she was blind but adapted well, knew the layout of our house and went out her doggie door, then katrina hit and changed our lives forever, we lost our home and moved 4 times, though all of that after we bought our new home she began to adjust again then on 10/5/2007 she had a stroke, and could no longer walk, the vet said she may never walk again, and i didn't want to put her though any more pain, so i made the decision with my husband to put her down, I stayed with her and she passed peacefully, but our home will never be the same and I will always miss her, but I am glad I got the privilege to take care of her for her remaining years.


Image Destiny When I was 9, my mother remarried. We moved into her husband's house where he lived with his youngest son. And like a snowflake falling in July, my whole word was completely out of the norm. Suddenly at the age of 9 I lived in a house, but not a home, surrounded by everything, but I had nothing. My mother drifted into her newlywed lifestyle, regularly forgetting that I felt absolutely lost and entirely alone. My newly acquired step-family lacked welcome arms and the new town we lived in seemed just as cold.
After a few months my mother took notice that I was regularly depressed and thankfully came up with a 9 year olds greatest anti-depressant, a kitten. I fell in love the moment I held that furry little bundle of joy and she covered my face in kitty kisses; I had never seen anything so perfect. She was a calico, with white little boots and a matching tuxedo front. The most loyal of cats I had ever met, she would only allow me to hold her and would rush to sit in my lap. Finally I had something and how wonderful it was.
As the years went on I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and with the title Marine under my belt I was deployed to serve my time in Iraq during the year 2005 (I was now 21). I remember hugging and covering my cat in kisses, how I would miss her. I served my time in Iraq, missing home, my family, my friends, and my cat.
After 10 months in Iraq I came home, greeted by friends and family, but my happy tears soon turned sour as my mom told me the dreaded news; my cat hadn’t come home in over two months. They last saw her July 29th, I came home Oct 1st just 3 days before my birthday. I felt like I was 9 again, lost and alone. For weeks after that I went on searches for my cat, calling every shelter and vet in the state, searching the web, and after 2 months my heart dropped as I knew I would probably never see her again.
With my recent deployment and the loss of my cat, again I went into a depression. February came and I needed to have a physical done to make sure I was still alright to serve in the military. I was assigned to a new doctor, one who knew nothing about me, and I remember being thrilled because that would be one less person to explain anything too, no personal questions.
At the end of the physical a nurse came in and started chatting with the doctor as I collected my things. Impossible to avoid, their conversation went something along the lines of, "Found any owners yet"? My doctor replied with a sigh and just shook her head while saying, "I don’t want to give them to a shelter; I would like to give them to someone who I know will take care of them". Perhaps she noticed me staring at them talk because suddenly my doctor looked at me and said, "You want a kitten?" I must have looked like a fool when I muffled out a weak, "Okay".
My doctor kind of laughed and gave me her address and directions to her house, she told me to come by later that afternoon. I went home, upset that I had said okay. There was no way I could love another cat as much as my lost one, no way. I decided I would show up to my doctor’s house to let her know that I had changed my mind and to explain that I wasn’t ready for a new kitten.
I showed up and she led me to the living room where I was told to wait before I could get in my piece about changing my mind. I heard her laughing in the other room and moments later a bright eyed orange tabby came rushing over too me, more like a dog than a cat, and then leaping into my lap, just crying to be held. I picked her up and she covered me in those same kitty kisses that my other cat had. I could feel the void in my heart slowly filling up with love again. I petted the 4 month old kitten and she lay in my lap purring away.
My doctor sat there explaining why she was giving away the kittens, I was barely listening, and I was too infatuated with this little creature in my lap that was making me feel again. It wasn’t until my doctor started rambling off dates that I looked up in amazement. “Not that it makes any difference, but my cat became pregnant with this litter July 29th.” I didn’t say anything about how my cat had disappeared that same day; I just sat there finding it ironic. “Funny thing, the kitten you are holding was born October 4th, first one of the litter. The rest came minutes later, but minutes later made it October 5th” She smiled sipping on her coffee not realizing that her small talk was hitting extremely close to home. October 4th was my birthday too and the tears came rolling down my face and I held onto this new kitten that would become my new pet to love.
Now some call it coincidence, some don’t care to listen, and others agree that it was destiny in my getting this new kitten. I never got a chance to truly say goodbye to my old cat, but deep down I just know this was a way for her to cover me in those kitty kisses, to leap into my lap, and to show that her love will always be with me.

My hamster

Image memory

Daisy baby we miss u so much. Ur 3 little sisters miss u. All the pain u had was so hard for u to move on. Sweetie now u may rest in paradise. We love u. Ur always in our hearts.

2 angels

Image  2 angels When I was 13 or so, someone gave me a horse he said was a mustang.I took care of him and grew up with his strength supporting rough teenage years. When I was 16 I picked up a dog from the newspaper. She was listed as a border collie, German shepard mix. I found out later, from the lady whose dog had birthed her that she had coyote in her too. Never have I seen a sweeter dog. When I was 18 I had twin boys, one of whom was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The dog would not let those kids out of her sight. She was a perfect mommy dog. When the boys were old enough to go outside & play, we had the one in his walker while we were out flying kites. My horse came over and sniffed the walker, and stood there with that boy until we left. He taught those boys how to ride, and he felt bad when he scared the one. Both of these wonderful angels passed away within a week of each other July of 2006, and I have never missed a pet as much as I miss them. There is not enough room on paper to describe how much these 2 beautiful loving creatures taught me patience, and enriched my life. It makes it easier to accept knowing they are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, along with the others I have lost. I'll be so happy when I am back with you Shyka and Blayz. I know you will keep Toby and Dan company until I get there.

A true friend

Image A true friend We moved to a farm and Josh came with it. He was a special dog; loving, patient, kind to all (except chickens -which he'd eat on the hoof...) He was great with the kids and my shadow, not leaving my side. Josh you won our hearts in 5 short months, you will never be forgotten... We love you forever our dear dear friend.

All the dogs I've had, my true best friends

Bojean was the first dog I had. Had her from the time I was about five years old. When she passed on, it left a hole in my heart that no pet still has replaced. I found out that when each pet since passed on, they each took a part of my heart with them. Jackie, a lab was next. A truly spoiled girl, always laying on my bed with me, listening to me when I was a teenager and going through the emotional turmoil that all teens go through. We got our next two dogs a few years after my sweet Jackie died. We got Blackie and Diana, shepard and lab mix puppies. They were so completely different looking, no one ever believed us that they were brother and sister. Blackie being smooth coated and looking like a lab, and Diana being fluffy and looking like a cross between a shepard mix and old English sheepdog. While we had them, we found our next dog, River. Actually found her abandoned on the Colorado River bordering the California side. She was a terrier mix. She had one pup that we kept, that I named Princess. At one time, that left us with four dogs all at once. But they eventually grew old, and one by one left us, with my sweet, sweet Princess being the last. For several years, I wanted no dog, but our young son wanted one, so we got Jack, a lab-boxer mix. He is still a very great watch dog, sweet and loving. Finally, my heart healed enough for me to welcome in another dog, not to replace my Princess, but to add to our family. My husband got me my Maya, a spoiled little Chihuahua that I just love and love. We rescued from an animal shelter a few years ago, a chow-chow we named Nika. She is such a sweetheart, so gentle and loving, only wanting to be petted and loved in return. We have about an acre of land, so all the dogs have more than enough room to roam. Another chow (a male) recently got our chow pregnant and she had six pups. We're keeping one of them. We call her Houdini, cause she was such a great escape artist from all the pens we had the pups in. So, we're back up to four. Not one that we have now have replaced those that have passed on in the past. Each one was a special friend, companion, watch dog and listener. Each dog that we've ever had, will always have a special place in our hearts and souls. A dog to us is a member of our family, and cared for just as lovingly. We still miss the ones that have passed on, but at least we always take lots of photo's to keep remembering them by. They might be missed, but they will never be forgotten. I miss you all!