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We have 6 horses and 2 dogs tagged at our home.

Thank you for offering a wonderful product! We have 6 horses and 2 dogs tagged at our home. We are able to rest assured that our dearly loved animals can be clearly identified. We have even used your products as gifts for other pet owners! Thanks again.

We tag our autistic son's shoe

We use the tags for our pets as well as on the shoe of our son who is autistic and non-verbal. Please let others know about this extremely important use! 

You're the best!!!

You can't find a better place and for the price it's unbelievable!! You're the best!!! Vanessa C.

Your tags are fantastic!

I received my 3 tags today and I couldn't be more pleased. I just want you to know that they're fantastic. The quality of engraving is wonderful, and the bonus telephone number is certainly great. I guarantee that in the future when I need more tags, I'll check in with you first. Thanks!

My two kids

Image My two kids

These are my two kids Frankie 13 and Mattie 8.I just bought
them both Love Your Pets tags and they both loved their tags. I got them one pink and one blue. They both have been known to lose their tags and have also been known to go on a four hour neighborhood tour of which we found them just as the dog catcher drove by. I feel safer now that they both have new tags. I would go nuts if something happened to my kids. Thanks for helping to keep my kids safe with me.

Our goats are safer now

There was a huge fire in our state where the entire town was evacuated. Most of the people who live there own large animals. Many animals were let out and some were recovered, but many, many animals had no ID, making owner identification difficult and making it very difficult for an owner to prove an animal belonged to them.

We realized that microchiping our farm animals was unrealistic, besides most shelters would never guess that a goat was micro chipped anyway. I decided pet tags would be the best option.

Not only were your prices the best, the delivery took only 5 days--and that included a weekend! I love the ring attachments that you send instead of "S" hooks, which I don't think hold up well.

Now the dogs and all the goats that have a 'forever' home with us are tagged!

Thanks for great prices, a great product, and speedy delivery!

Great service!

Image Great service!

What a pleasure doing business with you folks! The tags are beautiful and well-made, and the service was outstanding. Great prices, too! My dogs Reef and Harry both look terrific with their new tags.

My dog will never be without a tag again!

A couple of hours ago, my dog ran off across a busy street attached to his leash, he was startled by something and took off... I was wearing high heels and just started running after him, I'm in the city and I watched him cross a main drag, then take off across a busy bridge, where people FLY! I just kept running, but he was gone... I knew I would never catch him, and he didn't have a tag. I could barely breathe when two cars driving down the other side of the bridge yelled that they had my dog. When we finally met up, I could still barely breathe and wasn't sure even how to talk, other than to say a thank you, and that still seems too small. The man that had my dog told me he saw him run away and chased him for a LONG time, there was no way anyone would know who he belonged to, if this man had not seen it happened. He told me that I had to check out this website and that I was a fool for not having a tag on my dog. I'm indeed a fool and feel sick that he was not wearing a tag. I have ordered my tags (as I have two dogs) and will wait patiently until they arrive. It's too bad this had to happen in order for me to order them, but now I will not be without. At this point I think I would have paid $1,000.00 for a dog tag, but WOW the prices are amazing! Thank you.