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Rescuer's Nightmare

Image Rescuer's Nightmare

My mother and I have been involved in rescue for many years and have fosters from several different groups in the KC area, including our own personal cats that we have had for a long time.
On October 3, 2009 we had the ultimate Rescuer's Nightmare. We had a house fire with our precious babies trapped inside. There were so many lost, but so many were saved! And, in a lovely miracle, all the cats that got out of the house into the huge outside world were recovered in less than a week! It blows my mind how amazing our neighbors and vets and the fire crews were. Our neighbors came from 4 blocks away with carriers and kennels to put cats in. Our vet heard about it because the dispatcher called her to let her know they would be bringing a large number of cats up to the clinic. She actually recognized the address as ours and came to our house to help there! She called in all the vets and about half of the techs too! One of those really nice firemen even got bit by my cat, but he didn't drop him!
This truly tragic event continues to plague my mother as she lost precious babies...many that she had since they were kittens!

1) Ruffian
2) Nebula
3) Timone
4) Lilo
5) Stitch
6) Pumba
7) Chester
8) Silver
9) Ruthie Rae
10) Odo
11) Twitch
12) Emmie
13) Liberty
14) Helena
15) Isabella
16) Wink
17) Slice