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Our goats are safer now

There was a huge fire in our state where the entire town was evacuated. Most of the people who live there own large animals. Many animals were let out and some were recovered, but many, many animals had no ID, making owner identification difficult and making it very difficult for an owner to prove an animal belonged to them.

We realized that microchiping our farm animals was unrealistic, besides most shelters would never guess that a goat was micro chipped anyway. I decided pet tags would be the best option.

Not only were your prices the best, the delivery took only 5 days--and that included a weekend! I love the ring attachments that you send instead of "S" hooks, which I don't think hold up well.

Now the dogs and all the goats that have a 'forever' home with us are tagged!

Thanks for great prices, a great product, and speedy delivery!