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Worth it's weight in Love & Goodness

Image Worth it's weight in Love & Goodness

Mello and I are newly adopted two weeks ago. I wanted a read Dog Tag, with lots of info on it. Found this local company, and got their tag a few days ago: Mello; My name; Street address; City/state; Cell#;and Email addy. 2" Easy-Read old fashioned Dog Tag.

So Mello decides to cruise down to the park, and remains at large for a couple of (maddening) hours of 'hunting curious Mello'...

Back at the 'ranch,' right up the little hill from the park, I'm just back from another cruise around the lakeside, foresty neighborhood - I get a call on the cell...

Glory be! Mello's at the park entrance just down the road sitting in a Good Samaritan's car, because he had, among all of the other 'jewelry' on a Respectable Dog's Collar, his new LoveYourPets info-tag. Yes!

Tag everything, I say. Hopefully, Mello won't need another Rescue, but just in case? It's priceless, for a few pennies invested.

Can't say Thank You, and Woofwoofies to the staff at Love Your Pets ID Tags.

Staunch customers,

Me and my Mello Rescue fur-faced friend.