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In Memory

My Babies

We have had 26 ferrets since 1993. Went to our vet to get our cat's teeth cleaned and saw a ferret for the first time in my life. I ended up taking 2 home that very day. Kirby and Tyrone. Love at first sight. I started working in a local pet store that sold ferrets and ended up adding to our family several more over the years. Mouse, Scooter, Maggie, Peanut, Dusty, Hobbs, Blackjack, and more. I have 3 babies now. Pepper, 6 yrs old, and 2 new boys, Badger and Scamper. So many have passed but are still loved and cherished. They made me laugh every day with their antics, and showed me love in return. They do not have a long life span which makes it so heart breaking but I would do it all over again. Here's to my precious babies. I will forever love you.