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Tell us how your pet was helped by their Love Your Pets ID tag. Or send us a photo of them wearing their tag. We'll post it here!

We enjoy every one of your stories... We Love Your Pets! Send us any story you want - we especially love pet rescue stories.


Image Abby

I was recently out of town for a few days with a neighbor watching my dog. I have a 1 yr. old Yorkie, named Abby. When I got home on Friday afternoon, all my dogs except Abby came running to greet me. I looked everywhere for her, no luck. I immediately went to the internet and posted a lost dog ad that I placed all over my neighborhood. This was at about 2:00 p.m. At approx. 6:00 I received a call from a women who said she had found Abby (several blocks from my house) and had to chase her to catch her. Abby does not like strangers. She had her collar with her pet i.d. tag on, and that is what reunited her with me. All of my dogs and cats have tags, and I just ordered a tag for my grandsons dog.

Made me realize

Image Made me realize I was volunteering at our county fair when I saw a beautiful dog roaming the fairgrounds. Several people tried to get close to her, she was timid. It took me 20 min. to gain her trust as I slowly followed her around to ensure she didn't leave the gated area, who knows what might have happened to her. I got my hands on her with soft words, kneeling down. I got her dog license number and took her to the Sharif's trailer. They ran her 'plate' and the owner was found. She was lost from his camper as he was there showing his cattle. This made me realize the importance of having tags on my own dog, as he loves to run free. I ordered them today!

Never Again

Image Never Again

A year ago I adopted a chihuahua from the animal shelter. I named him taco and boy, how I loved that little dude. One day I had a doctor appt so I left him in the backyard with our other dogs. When I came back my niece told me that taco had gotten out and some guys took him. That morning I noticed a rash on his neck so I took his collar off~ biggest mistake ever. I went every single day for a year to the animal shelter to look for him and post posters but I didn't find him. A month ago a friend of my mother's asked me if I wanted a 3 month old chihuahua. I decided to take her in. At first I felt like I was replacing Taco and I didn't want to get attached to her but I fell for her too. I don't know what I would do without her. So I got her a dog tag from you guys! I feel at ease letting her out now. Never again will I take the collar off.

Rocky the rescue Boxer

Image Rocky the rescue Boxer

I rescued a Boxer on March 16, 2013. He was severely malnourished, abused, sick, and scared. After nursing the sweet giant back to health, I realized I wanted to give him everything he had never had. Soon the toys, treats, collars, harnesses, leashes, and much more come pouring in. I realized that if Rocky ever ran away, no one would know how to get in contact with me to return him, and my heart would shatter since I had saved him and nursed him for so long. I found Love Your Pets ID tags online, and knew I had to have it for my sweet, spoiled dog!

the sweetest love

Image the sweetest love This is my little girl, Minnie! She's a chihuahua/jack Russell mix. I am a marine wife and my husband is getting ready to deploy, & I wanted a puppy. I got online & found this beauty. She was bounced around to four different houses at only three months old so she was looking for a forever home. I took her in & let me tell you this little girl is a diva! Spoiled rotten & loves to cuddle. She's my little princess & we love her to death.

ID Important When Camping

Image ID Important When Camping

We regularly go camping with our four dogs. We spend over 100 nights each year in the RV. They are always with us. Recently the resort we were staying at was hit with thunderstorms and nearby tornadoes. We were safe, but it made us think that the tags with our home address and phone number on them was not sufficient. They now have "camping tags" with their names, our names and our cell phone numbers in case of a loss while away from home.


Image Baxter

Baxter is a new addition to our family, he is 10 weeks old and tiny he slides out of his harness when taking him out. He is simply precious,we love him very much, so we want to make sure he is always safe. Tags are a great way to do this. So glad I found your site!

Worth it's weight in Love & Goodness

Image Worth it's weight in Love & Goodness

Mello and I are newly adopted two weeks ago. I wanted a read Dog Tag, with lots of info on it. Found this local company, and got their tag a few days ago: Mello; My name; Street address; City/state; Cell#;and Email addy. 2" Easy-Read old fashioned Dog Tag.

So Mello decides to cruise down to the park, and remains at large for a couple of (maddening) hours of 'hunting curious Mello'...

Back at the 'ranch,' right up the little hill from the park, I'm just back from another cruise around the lakeside, foresty neighborhood - I get a call on the cell...

Glory be! Mello's at the park entrance just down the road sitting in a Good Samaritan's car, because he had, among all of the other 'jewelry' on a Respectable Dog's Collar, his new LoveYourPets info-tag. Yes!

Tag everything, I say. Hopefully, Mello won't need another Rescue, but just in case? It's priceless, for a few pennies invested.

Can't say Thank You, and Woofwoofies to the staff at Love Your Pets ID Tags.

Staunch customers,

Me and my Mello Rescue fur-faced friend.

My pets Re-actions to I.D tags

My home is the home off 3cats and 2 dogs. After all of them got fixed and microchipped I decided to get there tags. When I got the package in the mail it was so funny to watch them look confused by the clinging noise that the tags do when they walk. I have to say it was priceless and I hope everyone enjoys them too (:

A Toy Tiger...gifted to us!!

Image A Toy Tiger...gifted to us!!

What a Gift! We were out of town and while in a Big Box store engaged in conversation with one of the corporate vendors.
We mentioned that one of our beloved cats was being boarded as well as in treatment at our Vet's office because 'Sammi' was diagnosed serious blood disorder which had so far cost $3,000+ for diagnosis and treatment.
The vendor' s half-Toyger cat had recently delivered a litter of kittens which could each be sold for a substantial price.
TOYGERS are a newly developed breed with the beauty and grace of a 'toy tiger'
Because she recognized that we provide extensive care to our cats,,she offered one to us free of cost.
We would have to drive from California to Seattle to pick him up, but anyone knowing the characteristics of this new breed would not turn-down such an offer.
Baby 'Kevin-Toyger-Beyer has lived-up to the TOYGER hype.
Nothing can compare to a sleek, muscular, baby tiger Kevin has developed into. TOYGER temperaments are as advertised. Sweet little tigers!

What a gift. The gift of a lifetime.

Importance of Tags!

Image Importance of Tags!

All my pets have tags and I also order more as info has changed. I have all indoor pets but you never know if one day one might escape! But my story isnt about my pets its a story is about a cat that has showed up at my door the last two weeks. He has no collar, no tags. I've tried to find the owner with postings online. I have called shelters/rescues with no luck. and with rescues all filled up with cats/kittens right now and no room for one more this little one has no home. (I am at my pet limit for my city so I cant have another) I have been feeding it each day and he shows up each night since that first night. Please everyone, order a Pet ID for your pet, its a small price to pay for the safe return of your pet if it does get lost.

Best friends

Image Best friends

After 2 of our older dogs passed away, our Rottweiler became very sad. I always wanted a Yorkie and found one at a puppy rescue. There's a 174 pound difference between the two but they are best friends! Everyone loves walking by our yard and seeing the little one "keeping guard" while standing on the big one's back.


Image Izzi/Izumi

I adopted Izumi, Izzi for short, from the SPCA a week ago, and her tags just came in the mail. She is two months old.



My puppy, Duke, got lost one morning and I looked for him for twelve hours. He had wandered almost a mile away. Thank goodness he was wearing his little name tag from Love Your Pets. They called the number on the tag and he was safely returned!!!


My cat Marlon is quite an old cat, and he'd been outside more than usual we didn't know why though. One day I walked into my room and opened the door and inside was another cat. We finally found out why he was always out. Another cat was terrorising him and scaring him so much he'd leave from the slightest noise.

Our labs

Image Our labs

Our two dogs that love sitting on the couch.

Lily and Amber Show Off New Tags

Image Lily and Amber Show Off New Tags

My 2 Shih-Tzus, Lily and Amber had just returned from the groomer and were showing off new do's, neckerchiefs and Love Your Pet ID tags....

After Surgery Scare

I adopted a Yorkie from the local animal shelter and named him Benji. Shortly after he became sick and had to have emergency bladder surgery for his stones. Benji also must take half a pill twice a day for the rest of his life and had a e-collar on his neck so he would not lick his incision. When he got home he was outside on his lead in the front lawn to use the restroom. I was at work and got a text from someone saying I found your dog. I called my boyfriend in a panic and he told me he got off his leash. Luckily a family had found him and called the number on his I.D. He could have very well died had he gotten lost with the e-collar on his neck that made it hard for him to eat or drink, and without his medicine. We also have three cats, Captain, Annabelle, Sadie that go outside and it gives me peace of mind to know that if they ever were lost or hurt we could be contacted. Thanks Love Your Pets for saving my babies life.

Heart Palpatations

I had the biggest scare on Valentines Day. When I came home one of my babies, Lila, was gone. I drove all over looking for her, I was up late calling out for her and trying to hear her, but no Lila. I spent the whole next morning making lost dog signs and begging stores to let me post them. Around dinner time, I came home to find Lila in the house. I have no idea how she got back home, but I am thankful. I just ordered 6 dog tags for my babies from Love your pets and they saved me tons. Thank you Love your pets :)

My boys. My heroes.

My (now estranged) husband and I adopted our boys 12 years ago (they are 14 now-on 2012). When our marriage ended, it ended badly. Long story short, I was at the deep end of despair. I was broken and scared. But the thought of losing the boys gave me strength to fight for my life. I worked hard to regain my life because I know there was no alternative. Now, we're happy and strong. And I owe my life to them.


Image Randy

My Jack Russell/Rat Terrier "TAZ" ran away yesterday. Within a half an hour of his disappearance someone who lives quite a long way from us called. Without his tags from you he would have only been recovered if someone bothered to have him "microchip checked". Thanks for the tags. They saved our dog.

Rescuer's Nightmare

Image Rescuer's Nightmare

My mother and I have been involved in rescue for many years and have fosters from several different groups in the KC area, including our own personal cats that we have had for a long time.
On October 3, 2009 we had the ultimate Rescuer's Nightmare. We had a house fire with our precious babies trapped inside. There were so many lost, but so many were saved! And, in a lovely miracle, all the cats that got out of the house into the huge outside world were recovered in less than a week! It blows my mind how amazing our neighbors and vets and the fire crews were. Our neighbors came from 4 blocks away with carriers and kennels to put cats in. Our vet heard about it because the dispatcher called her to let her know they would be bringing a large number of cats up to the clinic. She actually recognized the address as ours and came to our house to help there! She called in all the vets and about half of the techs too! One of those really nice firemen even got bit by my cat, but he didn't drop him!
This truly tragic event continues to plague my mother as she lost precious babies...many that she had since they were kittens!

1) Ruffian
2) Nebula
3) Timone
4) Lilo
5) Stitch
6) Pumba
7) Chester
8) Silver
9) Ruthie Rae
10) Odo
11) Twitch
12) Emmie
13) Liberty
14) Helena
15) Isabella
16) Wink
17) Slice

Thank you, Love Your Pets!

Image Thank you, Love Your Pets! Max got out of our fence. I don't know how. It has never happened before, but it happened somehow. We were so upset... only someone who has had this happen to them can know the feeling. I knew that he had his Love Your Pet tag on and it was the only thing that gave us hope. We got a call later in the evening. Max had wandered over 2 miles away and a kind person returned him to us. Thank you to that person and thank you again Love Your Pets.


Unexpected Cat Treat

Image Unexpected Cat Treat My cat Olive loves the new addition to her collar!

Although she is an indoor cat, Olive recently got out and was lost for 15 days. During this time I was emotionally and physically lost myself. She did not have a tag at the time. Finally, a kind person found her and contacted me via one of my "lost posters" which were plastered all around the neighborhood.

Olive is home now and wearing her new tag. Should she sneak out again, I have the peace of mind to know that she is more likely to come home.

As an added bonus, the stainless steel tag reflects light. When she is sitting in sunshine, at just the right angle, it catches a magical reflection which drives her nuts.

My Boys

Image My Boys These are my indoor boys, but you can never be too safe so they both wear your ID tags. Kona (striped) wears the brass and Clancy (white) wears the stainless.

PS. My suitcase wears the red heart. Thank you for making us feel safe.

George in dog heaven

Image George in dog heaven Miss my buddy George who was with me for 14 years of travel in the south in a motor home

Amber the Clown

Image Amber the Clown Amber is the new girl. Since we have three chihuahuas now we want all of them to be safe. Here she is wearing her new tag. She is three months old and we hope to have her for a long time.

Apache is the Man

Image Apache is the Man After we changed collars on our old dog and he ran away, we never saw him again. We had not ordered his pet tag yet. You can bet that when we got Apache just now, the first thing we did was order his tag. We don't want to lose another little boy.

Apache the new Guy

Image Apache the new Guy Here is our little boy sporting his tag. Since he is only 11 weeks old, we thought you might enjoy watching him grow old with us. We know you like to see pets wearing your tags. Here is a real cutie.

Patti our Pal

Image Patti our Pal Patti is our third pet that we ordered tags for. She is a 3.5 pound long haired chihuahua, and being so small we are afraid she would never find her way back if she ran away.Here she is proudly wearing her tag.