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Multipurpose Leash makes it SO much easier!

I LOVE the multipurpose leash! I always used to struggle every time I took my dog to Starbucks. I'd have to hold him by the collar with one hand while undoing the leash and wrapping it around a pole with the other. Now, with the Multipurpose leash, tying him up is a piece of cake. I should have bought this years ago!

Great service

I made a change shortly after submitting my order. I received a very timely email informing me the change would be made. I received my order quickly, and all 4 tags were correct (each one had a pet name change). My only question is how long the engraving will last. My last ID tags were imprinted and have lasted a long time. I hope the engraved ones do as well. 

great service, very timely. 3 days from order to delivery.

Great ID tags!

I just got my ID tag for my dog from this website. It is perfect! I LOVE it!


I ordered 4 name tags for my puppies and I absolutely love them. Amazing service and fast shipping. I'll definitely order again and recommend this website!  -  Jessica

Great customer service and very prompt to reply to my concerns. I will always use them from now on and will recommend them to everybody.

great tags!!! :)

i ordered both of my dogs a tag from here.. they arrived super fast great price. Will always order from here!! i am so pleased thank you loveyourpets :)

Dog Tag

Excellent web site. Simple and easy to use. Good luck in the future.


This review is long overdue, however I just want to say what a fantastic service this is! Very affordable tags and they are willing to accommodate to whatever requests. Will be buying more tags if I get any more pets.

Awesome company!

My girlfriend and I have each ordered tags many times over the past 10 years and have always been very pleased. We haven't seen any other company that allows as much info on the tags as Love Your Pets. Plus, the quality, pricing, and customer service can't be beat! We've told many friends to get their tags here as well. We will continue to be repeat customers. Thanks Love Your Pets!

Awesome service

This was the first time I ordered from your company but will NOT be the last. Not only were my pet tags perfect but they got here in record time. I am so impressed with your company. I am so glad to find a company with great prices, great customer services, web friendly site and super fast, affordable shipping.

Best ID tags on the web!

I have had two great experiences with! The first time we were looking for ID tags, I had checked several sites, and was truly the most personable, affordable, and had the most options that I found. I got my first set of tags within a week - super fast!

The second time we ordered tags (moved so had to update address) I had submitted our order, then realized I needed to make some tweaks to the tags - not just once, but twice. Honestly, I was a little weary about them turning out how I had requested them to be changed, however we were NOT disappointed AT ALL. The tags came in the mail (again within the week - even WITH the change requests) and were PERFECT; even with the two requests I had submitted for them to be modified.

I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS come to this site if I need ID tags, and will DEFINITELY recommend it to ANYONE needing ID tags. Love it - kudos to!!! :)

Best tags available!

I have bought these tags for my dogs, to ID equipment, and for medical alert which I wear always (all conditions). I chose the SS mini dog tags, which allow 6 lines of 20 characters each. Tags are beautiful, durable, legible, comfortable to wear, and delivery is very fast. SS chain is very hardy. Lifetime guarantee on tags. Reasonable price means you can afford to update medical info as it changes. I am very grateful for these products!

Best tags, best service

I bought these tags for a crochet project and not an actual pet. I was a little worried about the quality by ordering online, but when they came in they were beautiful and the quality was outstanding. My customer was so happy as well and I got more orders. :)

Better Tags Than Others

I have been buying tags from another online tag provider....but I am now switching to going forward. tag engraving are deeper and font is clearer. The quality of engraving is important as other maker tags tend to become unreadable. Others rub off to where nothing can be read...which defeats the entire purpose of tags.

I highly recommend

Better than store made!

I received my tags today after getting TWO for just $9! They are perfect. I have bought tags at chain pet stores, and they don't even compare! The engraving in these is nice and heavy. It would take a LOT of use to wear down the engraving. If you're looking for tags for your pets, definitely get them from this site. Great quality and FAST shipping!

Cat lost her collar, buying these tags again!

I bought a tag in 2008, and it wore well on my cat's collar until she recently lost the whole collar on an outdoor excursion. I'm ordering two this time to have a replacement in hand :) I was very happy with the tags and would highly recommend them.

chesty loves his new dog tag

This is the first time I've ordered a dog tag off the internet and I have to say I'm so pleased with the blue paw print dog tag I purchased and received just today , when I saw it I need to let the website know about how much I love the tag and I would definitely purchase from this website again .

DOG tags

I was giving a "Salute to the Military" at my 40th high school reunion. I wanted to give these great veterans a little token of appreciation so I had some thank you tags made for them in green, our school color. They were a big hit and ALL were touched. I've gotten real DOG TAGS for my dogs before and knew they would be great quality. Thank you so much!

Exactly what I wanted!

I just received my order of three tags, and they were exactly what I wanted. Easy to read text, yet deep enough that it won't disappear quickly. Great prices and fast shipping as well - couldn't recommend a better place!

Excellent Customer Service!

We needed tags for our dogs asap for emergency preparedness. Love Your Pets got our tags to us quickly and were ready to provide customer service and stand behind their product. I would confidently refer their mail-order service to be just as convenient as a local shop. C. Allen

Excellent Service

Thrilled with the product I received and the service I was given when there was a slight mixup when my post office lost the package -- highly recommended both for the professional and friendly reps and the product options themselves.

First Pets, then Senior People

All my pets have worn your tags for the last 20 years. Recently I was talking of security in our senior years. I have ordered them 2 tags each. Both tags will have their names and their adult children's names. One they will wear when they are exercising and walking and one will go on their keys. We solved a problem with a great product.

Get one please!

I was skeptical at first about getting a tag for our dog, but then she escaped out a window after knocking the fan out and got away. We spent hours looking for her and then suddenly my boyfriend got a call that someone had found her. If it was not for this tag with her name, our name, address, and phone number on it, we still might not have our Lillie home. If you truly care about your pet, please please get one. I am a firm believer and I will be getting one for our other pooch.

Great company

A great company to do business with. A high quality tag with deep cut lettering and very reasonable prices for both the product and the shipping. You can't go wrong by ordering from them.

Great pet tags

We've moved a few times, and each time I've tried a different brand of new pet ID tag. This time I'm glad I happened upon your website; this is the best quality engraving (it is definitely not going to rub off in a year) on a tag at the best price that I've found. Thank you!

Great product

I'm just about to place my 3rd order in a couple of years as we once again have updated information. Other places charges a fortune, this place offers a great product at a very fair price, so thank you.

Great product and affordable

I was trying to find a web site to buy tags for my two cats. I thank God I found your site, which not only was a friendly site but also your prices are very affordable.
Thanks from Petunia and Mimoso

Great product, cheap price!

I ordered a tag for my chihuahua several years ago and she is a very active dog. As little as she is and as close to the ground as she is, all tags drag and hit bowls and anything else she sniffs or explores. But the tag I bought is still very readable and hasn't dulled any (except with dirt!). I can still read all of the information and trust that I will be able to continue to know she is protected with her tag for many more years to come. As she is a smaller dog, I had purchased the small round tag in stainless, and it was the best purchase I ever made. The price cannot be beat. Very well made, very deeply engraved. I just ordered a tag for our new puppy and can't wait to get it!

Great service

Thanks so much for your fantastic service. We received our pet tags just a few days after placing the order.
Last summer while on vacation our cat escaped from our travel trailer through a screen. He didn't have an ID tag. With much help from the wonderful citizens of Pocatello, ID we were able to find him after 9 weeks. Now when we take him anywhere with us he, as well as our other pets, will have ID tags on.
Thanks again,
Judy M., Trapper, Spooky, Sami, and Kodi.