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Introducing our SOUNDLESS Pet Tags! 


Tag Sizes & Materials

Our tags are permanently engraved and come with split rings for easy attachment.

Tag Materials

STAINLESS STEEL is the most durable material for tags and has a bright classic silver color. These tags are beautiful and are the highest quality offering in our classic tags. Our stainless steel tags are .040" in thickness. These are the best choice for active dogs or if they will be worn with other tags that will rub together.

ALUMINUM tags are light weight but sturdy and are available in 6 bright colors. They are .050" thick which gives them strength while still allowing them to be feathery light. Because the engraving is a silver color, they are the easiest to read. All of our aluminum tags are anodized with a color coating that resists scratching.

BRASS tags are classy and tough. Our brass tags are .040" in thickness. They are not lacquer coated so the shine will soften to an antique patina over time, but that shine is easily restored with light polishing if you prefer.

Tag Sizes

Our tags are the perfect size for all pets from cats and small dogs to horses. The dog tag and the paw tag are the largest, so they may not be suitable for very small pets. The circle and mini dog tag are the perfect ID tags for luggage, backpacks, or anything else you wouldn't want to lose.

Each tag style can have up to 6 lines of engraving. Keep in mind that the more text on the tag, the smaller the engraving will be. The easiest tags to read have four or fewer lines.

BONE TAG 1" x 1Ż"

CIRCLE TAG 1⅛" diameter
HEART TAG 1╝" x 1⅛"


DOG TAG 1⅛" x 2"
PAW TAG 1⅜" x