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48 classic tags styles and colors to protect your pets, kids and all your things. Whether you need Pet Tags, Dog ID Tags or Personal ID Tags... Order Today!

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  • Over 5,000,000 pets protected since 1981
  • Best prices anywhere
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all tags
  • Fast! Most orders shipped the next day
  • Up to 6 lines of text for maximum protection
  • Make a safe & stylish statement for you & your pet

Pet ID Lifetime Guarantee Love Your Pets ID Tags are guaranteed for life. Choose from 6 classic shapes and 8 colorful, durable materials.
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I received my tags today after getting TWO for just $9! They are perfect. I have bought tags at chain pet stores, and they dont even compare! The engraving in these is nice and heavy. It would take a LOT of use to wear down the engraving. If you're looking for tags for your pets, definitely get them from this site. Great quality and FAST shipping!
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    Finding out that a beloved pet has cancer can be just as difficult as if it were a close friend or family member. While we know that there are many different treatment options available for humans, what can pet owners do if their animal has cancer? The good news is that treatment options for pets are available as well, and pets have a better chance of successful cancer treatment today than ever before. Any pet owner should know about these options so that his or her furry friend can get treatment as soon as possible.

Dog ID tags from Love Your Pets are great looking and durable.

Our dog tags are deeply engraved, look sharp and will last a lifetime. Our prices are the best you'll find anywhere!
  • $3.95 for 1-4 ID tags,
  • $3.50 for 5-10 ID tags,
  • and deeper price breaks for 11 or more
Each tag can hold up to six lines of information. You can include your pet's name, your name, your address, your home phone number, your cell phone number, your email address or the number of your veterinarian as an extra measure of protection for your pet. These tags are also perfect as luggage tags, bag tags, key tags, or ID for all your things...if you don't want to lose it, put a tag on it!

Dog tags for your best friend

All cats need Pet Tags too!

Our dog tags come in three materials, each with their own advantages:
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
And get your dog tag in six cool shapes:
  • Heart
  • Circle
  • Bone
  • Paw
  • Dog Tag
  • Mini Dog Tag
Love Your Pets ID Tags are great for dogs, cats, all your things, and people too!