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Buster is alive.We had seven cats and two dogs all had pet ID tags on from Love your Pets. All of our pets have also been spayed or neutered. Last summer one of our male (tiger stripe with spots) cats turned up missing. Now even though he had been fixed he sometimes would go missing for a couple of days at a time. So we thought this was the same kind of deal. After four days I was worried, a week went by and still no Buster. This was not like him. We live off a main rural route in the country. So our thoughts turned to sadness. Was he run over by a car or did a coyote get him? Weeks passed, a month went by, and another month, we were assuming the worst. After two and a half months went by we got a phone call. It was from a nice farmer about an hour away. Buster had crossed a major interstate and was unharmed. Buster had shown up at his farm, skinny and with his front paw caught up in his collar. But at least his collar and tag were still on him. He had to cut his collar off to get his leg unstuck from it. So he put him in one of his sheds and called me. We were relieved to know he was still alive and unharmed. That night we drove to get him. When the farmer opened the shed door and I called for Buster, he came right to me. His eyes had relief, happiness, and love in them. He started purring the minute he was in my arms. We wanted to thank you for a happy, healthy return of Buster our sweetest boy.
Bye Bye Bubby saved by his tags!

I took my two dogs Maddie and Bubby to fenced in dog park. Bubby is a beagle and he follows his nose as such. While we were there he caught a whiff of something he wanted to follow. He quickly squeezed himself through this little hole I never thought he could fit in. Maddie (being 75 lbs.) and I had to run around to the outside of the fence. We saw him a little ways away, but the snow was so high where he was, up to my waist! He was only 30 lbs. and was walking on top of it. Maddie and I got into my car and drove around the outside of the park looking for him. I couldn’t see him anywhere. We stayed at the park for about 2 hours driving around and screaming his name. I also called the dog officer (and my work, I couldn’t go to work while Bubby was missing!) I was just about to go home when I got a call on my phone “Are you Bubby's owner?” I started crying and said “Yes, yes! You have him?!” the boy on the phone said yes, asked me where I was and said he would meet me there. I was so happy, I waited for them to come to the park. When they got there I was the only car in a dark park parking lot. The car was full of four teenage kids. They pulled up next to me and handed off Bubby. Maddie was so happy to see him! They said they found him walking on the side of the road, about 2 blocks from our house! They called him into the car, being the friendly little beagle he is jumped in. They saw his tag and called my phone. The kids were so nice, everyone in the car said “Bye, little man! He was fun to have!” They were great and brought my Bubby back home safely thanks to Love Your Pets pet tags!

Cap's AngelCap’s Angel by Pamela Jenkins

The cold wind rattled the window near my chair as I sat at my desk, going through bills that needed to be paid. I was thankful I didn’t have to go outside in the nippy air. The forecast was for a hard freeze that night. It was a good day to stay indoors. Suddenly, a sharp rap on the window startled me.

I looked up to see my husband peering in. He gestured for me to come outside. With a groan, I stood up and slipped on a jacket. I would have preferred to stay where I was nice and warm, instead of venturing out in the chill.

Outside, I found my husband talking to our friend, Tony, who is an animal control officer. They stood next to Tony’s truck where there was a break from the wind. I was about to suggest that we all go indoors when my husband pointed at something lying in the back of the truck. I stepped closer for a better look. It was a small terrier, emaciated and dirty. He was shivering in the cold. His eyes were matted and he had several bite wounds that were infected.

“I picked up this little stray today,” Tony said. “He’s in pretty bad shape, and I don’t think he’s going to make it…”

I leaned over and whispered, “Hey, sweetie.” The little terrier stood up on shaky legs. He squinted at me and slowly wagged his tail. I gasped, because it was then I realized that it was a wire fox terrier, the same breed as our dog, Tell. That was as far as the resemblance went, however. Tell was healthy and well kept, but this fellow was in such poor condition that his future was uncertain. I felt a tug at my heart when I heard my husband say, “My wife wants him.”

Tony seemed to hesitate, as if he weren’t sure we were prepared for the task ahead of us. As he handed the dog to me, I was surprised at how feather-light the little body felt. I murmured my thanks as I hugged the dog tightly and hurried indoors. The first order of business was to fill that empty tummy. I poured a bowl full of dog food, and turned around to see the dog’s ears perk up and his attention on the dish. “Nothing wrong with your appetite,” I said with a smile as I watched him eat with gusto.

After licking the bottom of the bowl, he curled himself on some warm blankets I laid out for him. In a few moments he was fast asleep, exhausted but no longer starving. Later that afternoon, shampoo and towels in hand, I gave him a bath. Layers of dirt and debris were rinsed off, and his bite wounds were cleaned. As I unbuckled his soiled collar, I realized this was someone’s pet. How unfortunate that he had no identification tags to help locate his owner.

After a second bowl of food was gulped down, the terrier snuggled in his blankets for another nap. I told my husband, “He’s bright and alert, eating well, and I think he’s going to make it.” My husband seemed skeptical and warmed me that we still had a long way to go before this dog was healthy again. In spite of his warning, I went to bed happily thinking of a name to call our little guest.

Tell was named after a Louis L’Amour character. I hoped another character’s name would be a perfect fit. I decided we would call him Cap after the feisty little cowpoke that befriended the Sackett family in so many L’Amour western novels.

The next morning, a happy little dog with a terrible case of diarrhea met me. My husband asked, “Just how much did you feed him yesterday? You know, you almost killed him with kindness.” He gave a chuckle as I cleaned up the results of my “kindness”. I couldn’t help myself, I told him. Poor Cap had looked a little hollow and needed filling out. I vowed to feed in moderation after that episode, and I have to think Cap agreed with the new menu.

We took things one day at a time, and Cap slowly began to put on weight. His wounds healed and hair began to grow back in bald places. One day I noticed I couldn’t feel his ribs or hipbones anymore, and that hollow look was gone forever. After several weeks of searching for his owner with no results, we decided that little Cap was here to stay. Of course, Tell was ecstatic to have a companion to spend time with. What could be merrier than a wire fox terrier?

I have to say it would be having two terriers in the house. Double the trouble and twice the fun, that’s their motto! Whether digging holes in the yard, treeing squirrels, or raiding their toy box and scattering squeakies through the house, those boys are busy sunup to sundown with their mischief.

This morning, I looked out the kitchen window at Tell and Cap romping in the yard. I felt a surge of pride in my two beautiful little terriers, well groomed and wearing matching collars. I hope that if the unthinkable happens again, they’ll both be safely returned to their home with the help of their ID tags. I know it only takes a second for one to slip out the door or gate, and they’re off on a great adventure that could have disastrous results. I love my guys and want them to be safe always.

As my husband walked up behind me, he asked, “Any idea what you want for your birthday this year?” I considered my pair of mischief-makers that have brought so much joy into our home, and a husband that knows my heart. After a moment, I turned to give Cap’s angel a hug and tell him I already had all I could ever want!
Cash the Yellow LabI bought Cash as a present for my husband in April 2007. He is a beautiful golden yellow lab. I knew the guy we got him from so I had kept my eye on him since he was only a couple of weeks old. Finally, after what had seemed like forever, I was able to bring him to his new forever home. I introduced him to my other 6 dogs... yes, I said 6! It sounds crazy but I love them all and have 20 pets total. Back to my story though, the other dogs seemed to like him except for one. My husbands Chocolate Lab, Hoss. He is a very territorial dog and doesn't like strangers (other dogs) coming on his property. After a little bit of time though he always learns to get along with everyone. We had only had Cash for about a month when one day he went missing. Since he was just a puppy about 9-10 weeks old I figured he couldn't have gone too far on his own. We searched high and low all night and all the next day with no results. I made flyers and posted them around town; even though we live in the country; put an ad in the local paper offering a reward, called the local pound and went knocking on doors hoping to come up with some sort of answer. Nothing. Although I was beginning to lose hope I never gave up. Almost two months later to the day...I got a call on my cell phone while I was at work. I couldn't answer it of course so I let the voice mail pick it up. The next minute I had another call on my phone. I decided to step outside and see who was calling me and why. It was a local couple in town who had had a dog show up at their house. I tried to call the first one and she didn't answer so I called her boyfriend. He answered. To my surprise he said that they had a young male yellow lab show up at their house that past weekend. They had already taken him to the pound because his son was getting attached and they could keep him. They found out after the fact that I was missing my dog. From the age and descripton of the dog it sounded like it could possibly be Cash. I was a little unsure in the beginning becuase Cash had on his collar and tags as far as I knew but a couple of weeks later my husband foudn them in the tall grass next to our yard. It was at that moment I suspected someone came to my house and picked him up. So at this point I figured anything was possible. I left from work on my lunch hour to go to town and see the dog at the pound. (I work 30 minutes away one way.) The minute I seen him I knew this was my dog. He had grown up a bit since it had been 2 months but if you have ever had a dog especially as many as I could understand that just by looking into his eyes I could tell this was my baby Cash. I went directly to city hall in town and told them this was my dog in the pound and that I would be back after work to pick him up. As soon as we got there to get him his eyes lit up and he was so happy. We got him home and he played with the other dogs and went swimming in the pond...even Hoss didn't growl at him so I truly think he knew that this was his lost pal. We put a new collar on him with his old tag that I kept and he is still here today. I am so happy to have found him safe and happy and healthy. This truly was a miracle to find my puppy who went missing at 9-10 weeks 2 months later is truly amazing. Even though the tag didn't help this time since I believe someone slipped his collar off and took him to town, I still feel more secure knowing that I have done what I can to keep my dogs safe. Thanks for the wonderful pet tags at such a reasonable price.

HeroMy nana has diabetes. One day when my grandpa was at work,my nana's blood sugar level got so low that she fell down and couldn't breathe or get to the phone to call 911. I didnt know what to do. Luckily though though, Hero, her dog did. He ran to where my uncle Andy worked and got him to come help her. That is the reason that my nana is still here today.
hot dogI have a doxie hot dog named Mollee. She likes to run around and one day he got out of the door and went outside. They are building a new bridge right across from our house and the workers there found her and brought her back to us because of the address on her Love Your Pets ID tag.
I love my Forrest!My husband and I live in Texas, we moved there because he is in the army. We dont have any children and don't plan to have any for a while. We wanted to get a dog, a border collie, because we both have had border collies in the past. Well, I was looking through the paper one day and found an add for a border collie that needed a home. That night, we went to pick up the dog. After we got him (his name is Forrest) we realized he had been beaten by the owners and had many health problems. We didn't know if he was going to live or not. My husband and I are both animal lovers so we just decited to help Forrest as much as we could and hope for the best. We now have had Forrest for 6 months and he trusts us and loves us as much as we love him. We thank God for Forrest and neither one of us has ever had a better Dog. I love Forrest!
Just in TimeOrdered two dog tags, one for my pet and another for a friend. The tags arrived yesterday, Friday, 9/7/07. I delivered the friend's tag last night and it was put on their dog, Duffy, immediately. Just hours after, Duffy got out and about 10 minutes after the escape was picked up by security who called the number on the new dog tag and Duffy was returned home. Thanks to "Love Your Pets" Duffy is back!!!
Little dogs ARE more trouble!Gizmo, a 2 year old, blind in one eye, Silkie Terrier, is more than a handful. Gizmo is my mother's dog, but needs to be looked after while she is away on business, so she comes to stay with me. I have a rather large backyard that time and time again I have tried to puppy proof, but to no avail! Gizmo squeezes out from who knows where and goes as far as the park across the street, or someone else's backyard. We purchased a pet tag from another company for $11 and it deteriorated very quickly. I've given this web site to my mother so she can purchase a tag for little Gizmo, to stop her from running around town! I purchased a tag for my curious cat, Boa, in the event that she sneaks out and cant find her way back home. Too bad we couldn't tag our boyfriends for when they get too drunk. ;)
Lost CatMy full blooded persian cat who is neutered and declawed got out one early morning. I had taken his collar off. I put an ad in the paper and flyers up at the vets. After 3 months we still had no sign of him. My neighbor had called the vet to take him in for shots. They thought he was a stray and he had been living in their barn the whole time. The vet still had my flyer. I got my cat back. Although I didn't get him back because of Love Your Pets, this will not happen again because I have ordered tags for all my pets. My cat never went outside so I didn't think a collar was important. My animals will never be without pet name tags again. That 3 months could have been a lot shorter and saved my family a lot of heartache. Thank you for this service.