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Patti our Pal

Image Patti our Pal Patti is our third pet that we ordered tags for. She is a 3.5 pound long haired chihuahua, and being so small we are afraid she would never find her way back if she ran away.Here she is proudly wearing her tag.


Image skitz I just got a pet id for my puppy. He's not wearing one in the picture I sent because thats the picture of when I first got him.I didn't want to loose him so I found Love Your Pets ID and ordered him one. I was a little worried I wouldn't get it but u didn't let me down! Thank you for possibly saving my pet in the future.

A dog tag that inspired

Image A dog tag that inspired It wasn't our dog that a tag helped but it did help. It was the middle of winter in Ohio and I was coming from a doctors appointment when I saw two dogs hovering over each other next to a fence. Apprehensive at first, I tried to coax the dogs towards me not knowing if they were vicious. As it turns out they weren't vicious, they were cold. I was able to get one of them into my car and another gentleman that was there to the other. After I got home, I called the number that was on the tag that rang into a veterinarians office. I gave them the name and they were able to pull the record on the dog and, after giving them my number, they passed it along to the owner who called me back almost immediately. That night the dog stayed with us but was reunited with his family the next day. This inspired my wife and I to get a dog and....YES! she has a tag.

Because of a lost pet...

Image Because of a lost pet... One day on my way back to work after lunch, I spotted a German Shepherd running in the busy intersection looking totally lost. Traffic was quite busy and I was so worried he was going to get hit. Luckily I was able to catch up to him about a mile ahead as he found a shaded area to stop and take a break in the grass. I saw he looked harmless so I called to him and he calmly came to me. I had my dog's leash in the car and was able to get him leashed. I was so relieved to see he had an ID tag on so I called the owner and she was thrilled to get the call. They had been driving around all morning searching for him! They came and got him and were so grateful. That same afternoon I ordered my pooch, Jonah, his ID tag! I just received it today! Thank you so much!


Image Diva she is such a lovely puppy, we are so happy to have her.

Ella Bobella

Image Ella Bobella My beautiful cat Ella loves to climb trees. I shouldn't let her out but sometimes she just bolts out the door. One night she didn't come home and we were sooo worried. A good person called the next day to say they had found her up their tree. Maybe she was stuck up there all night! But her pet ID tag got her home and that's the most important part!

Far away from home

I was dog sitting for my brother during a long vacation when much to my surprise the two cocker spaniels - Bo and Blaze - one blonde and one black - decided to take a little trip away of their own and ran away from home. My neighbor caught them and put them in his pen, however my brother and my father's number was listed on the ID. They lived in Tennessee, I lived in North Carolina. My neighbor couldn't believe the dogs had traveled that far away as they looked very healthy and cared for! I was so happy to have them back home, but if it hadn't been for their tags they wouldn't have returned. My brother was very glad too! Thanks for the ID tags.

Foxy comes home

It was a cold, snowy evening and Foxy our family dog (Min Pin) went out the door after a cat. She went so far, I cannot recall how far, but she was gone. I told my dad, and we went after her but we could not find her. But almost a week later she shows up at our door so thank u for the tags!

home again

My two Australian Shepherds, Cooper and Montana, were cruising down the side of a highway in an attempt to get home after a family move, when they were picked up by caring people. Thanks to the tags they came home safely. I have just ordered tags for my two baby goats, Billie and Bobby Jo to help keep them safe. If my chickens would wear them, they would have them too! Thank you.

IDs speak the loudest words

Image IDs speak the loudest words

Just bought 3 of your IDs & feel a lot better now!

My Boys are missing

Image My Boys are missing My husband and I have two males dogs. Cooper, a 1 yr old Corgi, and Oden, a Chocolate Lab. Both had gotten out of the gate. After five days, a woman saw the two that morning and called our #. Our 4 yr old helped me make signs the day they went missing. They both have tags now! Glad to have them home again.

My dog will never be without a tag again!

A couple of hours ago, my dog ran off across a busy street attached to his leash, he was startled by something and took off... I was wearing high heels and just started running after him, I'm in the city and I watched him cross a main drag, then take off across a busy bridge, where people FLY! I just kept running, but he was gone... I knew I would never catch him, and he didn't have a tag. I could barely breathe when two cars driving down the other side of the bridge yelled that they had my dog. When we finally met up, I could still barely breathe and wasn't sure even how to talk, other than to say a thank you, and that still seems too small. The man that had my dog told me he saw him run away and chased him for a LONG time, there was no way anyone would know who he belonged to, if this man had not seen it happened. He told me that I had to check out this website and that I was a fool for not having a tag on my dog. I'm indeed a fool and feel sick that he was not wearing a tag. I have ordered my tags (as I have two dogs) and will wait patiently until they arrive. It's too bad this had to happen in order for me to order them, but now I will not be without. At this point I think I would have paid $1,000.00 for a dog tag, but WOW the prices are amazing! Thank you.

my loved dog tank

My sister accidentally left the gate open one day and my lab Tank got loose and by the time I saw he was gone I couldn't find him. I went door to door and still couldn't find him. Luckily, my best friend saw him running and brought him back. After that I went a bought him tags!

My tag saved me

Image My tag saved me I just got my pet tag the other day and wow it has already saved my dog. I let him out to go potty and the next thing I knew he was gone, My neighbors called to let me know they had found him and it was because of the tag they knew who to call or he could have been lost forever

Now, how much can you "Love your Pet"

Image Now, how much can you "Love your Pet" We had to put down our beloved poodle "Peanut" after 16 years and decided that having a pet was just heart breaking when they are ill. After two years we realized we really missed the love and affection that a dog has to give and started thinking about another dog. My daughter has a shorthaired black and tan dachshund that just tugged at our hearts. We were the baby sitter for her fur baby when he couldn't go with them. She said we really needed to get a dachshund for our own so J.D., her fur baby would have a playmate. Well, after many visits to breeders we found this sweet faced little fellow and my husband chose Alex to be his name. Of course I'm sure it wasn't because his middle name is Alexander. He said it was for Alexander The Great. Let me tell you he has done more for our lives then we ever thought possible. To make if he ever does get out of our site that he is brought back to us, I knew to order a "Love Your Pet" tag. I'm thankful for the reasonal price for the security of always having Alex as safe as possible.

Rambo the Cat

Image Rambo the Cat One day this cute, fluffy ball of fur found us and did not want to leave us. He was so cute and irresistible and he immediately won over our hearts. This little fellow is very playful but also a little rambunctious, so we named him Rambo. He is a true gift from heaven and our pride and joy.

Sugar Baby: the Runt of the Litter

This is the story of how I got my first dog. Hope you enjoy!

Her mother was a Golden retriever and her father was a Labrador.
She came from a litter of 10 - five boys, five girls. She was the smallest, the runt of the litter. She and her brother and sisters were put in a box, taken to the Food Lion parking lot and left there. She was being tumbled on and squished by her bigger siblings. My grandmother had gone shopping and saw them in the box. She went to have a look at them, and picked the female runt out for me, and the largest female for herself. My grandmother took them to her house and named the runt Sugar Baby and the large pup Honey Love. She took care of them and got their shots and gave me Sugar. Sugar lived with me for 3 years, until she was so big, I did not have anymore room in my house. She went back to live at my grandmother's. I help with buying Sugar's food and treats. Over the years, my grandmother has saved many other dogs from death until she could not take care of all of them PLUS Honey and Sugar. She found a home for 3 of the 4 dogs she saved. She couldn't let the walker hound she saved go, so she chose to find Honey a home. She did not want to, but Honey was getting very aggressive to Sugar and the other dogs. Honey found a home with some friends that brought her every year to see us, until my grandmother told them to cut back on Honey's food because she was 6+ pounds over-weight. They got mad, and we never saw Honey Love again. Sugar Baby was now 7 years old. I decided to try to start bringing Sugar back to my house. I kept her outside during the day and she came in at night. I did this for 1 year, until it became too much to handle during the summer months when I needed to go outside every hour to fill up her water bucket with fresh water. She was driven back to my grandmother's. Sugar was also kept out ide there, but she was in the shade with fans blowing on her and a cold concrete kennel to lay on, plus 5 water buckets, so she was in a sort of tropical paradise.
My grandmother and I always went to Myrtle beach, SC every year. We decided to take Sugar. But 3 weeks before we were to leave, Sugar was attacked by a dog. The dog put 4 1-inch holes in Sugar's rear end. Sugar had to have surgery at the vet to close the holes and had a drain put in, but it only made things worse. We had to keep a cone on her to keep her from pulling out the drain. We had to take it of to let her eat and drink water until it became so much trouble that we just left off full time and just kept a close eye on Sugar. We made the beach trip and Sugar had fun. She got very spoiled and loved on by everyone who saw her. They said 'oh,what a pitiful girl" or "you poor thing".
Once Sugar was healed, my family put our house up for sale. It was sold while we were in TN on vacation, and when we got back we had to live in our camper for three months until we found a house. We did and got moved in and settled in November 2009. Sugar was 9 years old now. In January 2010, I decided to take her to our new home. It was a lot larger and she enjoyed it. Every thing went well until April 2010. We left Sugar outside while we ate lunch inside.When we went back out after lunch, Sugar's shoulder was swollen to the size of a small watermelon. She was bleeding too. I looked at her shoulder and pushed her hair back and the were two holes from were a snake's fangs had gone through. My dear darling doggie had been bitten by a snake! I got some scissors and a phone and called my grandmother. As I was cutting the hair from around the wound, my grandmother was rushing to my house to drive Sugar and me to the vet.We got there and the vet gave Sugar an anti-venom shot and gave us some antibiotics for Sugar and said if any thing went wrong to bring Sugar back in and they would keep her for a few days.
Thankfully, Sugar healed without complications and she's now a happy 9 1/2 years old dog.
My girl will soon be 10, on August 17 2010.

Sugar has gone from a roaming trouble-maker to a sophisticated lady in too short a time. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was chasing that girl around my neighborhood, and now she can't even get up without her bones popping. I will treasure the rest of her days with me, and I will always love my Sweet Sugar Baby.


Image thanks Thank you for the id tags. They look great on my two cats :D

The day the goat and dogs went to town.

Last Sunday we had a horrible wind storm and I had to leave and run an errand. My golden retriever, border collie mix and 1 show goat were all in my yard but were not anywhere to be found when I returned. I began to call neighbors and different ones the next morning when they had not shown up. By 6:30 that next evening I received a call that the Golden Retriever and the Goat had been found. They had traveled 7 miles crossed the interstate and found on old Highway 66. The retriever was not going to be loaded without his goat buddy. They are safely home but have not yet found the border collie mix. He was seen in the vicinity but so scared he was unable to be caught. I just keep praying he will come home. I have ordered these tags hoping this nitemare never happens again. My retriever has tried so hard to talk to me about what happened. Thanks for having this product available.

Tiffany and lamaze classes

My cat Tiffany and I were really close. She has passed on now, but she was my best friend when I was young. We liked rough housing - my hands would be all scratched up, lol. Well there was a time when Tiffany had her first pregnancy, about two weeks prior to her due date she would approach me, she then would grab my hand in her mouth and give me a tug to tell me she wanted me to follow her, so I did. She ended up leading me up the stairs and into my room. Then she would jump up on my bed to say sit here so I listened to her. This kept going on everyday for two whole weeks up until it was time for Tiffany to have her kittens. One evening my family had our friends over and right in the middle of dinner Tiffany came waddling up to me as usual, she grabbed my hand again in her mouth I put my plate down then I followed her up the stairs with my hand still in her mouth we went into my room were she jumped up on the bed once again where she wanted me to sit, but this time after she let go of me she went into her little box that I had prepared for her and to my surprise she started to have her little kitties. She wanted me to be with her during her babies' birth. She ended up having five cute chubby kittens all different colors lol - two chubby orange kittens, one striped grey, one tuxedo black coat with white gloves all that was missing was the top hat lol, and the last one was just like his father all white and spots he was named Bert. They all eventually ended up getting good homes and lived happily ever after.

Traveling Toby

Image Traveling Toby

I always take my dog on trips with me since he loves to ride in the car. I was visiting friends in a big city who offered to take Toby to the park with them. Not knowing he was too easily distracted to be able to be let off the leash, he chased after a cat and was soon nowhere to be found. Thanks to the two numbers you put on your tags, the person who found him called my cell phone and I was able to pick him up right away. Thank You Love Your Pets!!!!

Triggar and Loki

Image Triggar and Loki I ordered my dogs tags Aug 7th and they arrived today Aug 12th. My Triggar Boy just turned 5 in april and We just got his Little Brother Loki 2 weeks ago. Triggar has the tendency to run away when he gets out of our house. I've been training Loki not to pay attention to Triggar's bad behavior but I just feel better having the tags so I know my Fur Babies have them Thanks So Much

Where would they be without their ID tags!

Image Where would they be without their ID tags! Panda, Miller & Addie aren't allowed to leave the house without their ID tags on.

Just the other day Panda was sniffing around the neighborhood and a Mrs. Johann, who lives two streets away picked Panda up. She thought to herself, 'this must be the Reggio's dog'. Sure enough Panda had slipped away within the matter of minutes. Thanks to her ID tag she was returned home safely!
Panda is our black & white puppy. She is also the oldest at 13 years of age. She is the angel of the bunch!!

Miller.... he is something else!! He is the 'Man of the House" and the "King of the Neighborhood" He likes to explore the whole neighborhood when he is outside. All I gotta do is clap my hands and he comes running home. But he still never leaves home without his ID tag!
Miller is our 'Katrina Dog'. He loves boat rides, going to the camp & playing with his neighborhood friends. He looks just like a Mini Golden Retriever. He is 3 years old & smooth as can be!!

Addie... She is just a big, big girl! She is our black lab who just made 2 years old on Oct 28th. Super smart & super sweet. She loves swimming in the bayou everyday and going 4-wheeler riding. She pretty fast and keeps up with the bike. She also likes to wonder the neighborhood. Although I don't think she will ever leave my side, she doesn't leave home without her ID tag!!

Remember these ID tags can save your pets life, they can also save you from extreme heartache if your pet ever gets lost. Please buy a tag today and keep your pet safe!

K.C. the Cavalier Ruby

Image K.C. the Cavalier Ruby This is K.C. my friend's Cavalier King Charles spaniel Ruby who sadly went to Rainbow Bridge in October 2007. I enjoyed going for walks with him, he was a lovable, huggable dog, and I miss him so much.

Toby & Zoie of the US Virgin Islands

Image Toby & Zoie of the US Virgin Islands Just bought some of your IDs for my 2 cats, Toby & Zoie & feel a lot better now because they love to go hunting in the tropical greens of the Virgin Islands!

Max vs. Porcupine

Image Max vs. Porcupine Last summer Max got out of our fence and took a stroll down through the neighborhood and into the woods not far from our home. Evidently, he interrupted a porcupine busy at work and got quite the noseful. Scared, Max ran farther away from home. A gal a few streets away spotted him running out of the woods and took him in. Thankfully, he had his tags on and she gave us a call. Thanks, Love Your Pets!

Onyx is alive and well!

Image Onyx is alive and well! I recently relocated this fall from Florida to Georgia. At that point, I had five cats, three of whom were rescued and a bit skittish. I was nervous about moving them and got new tags for all of them to include my new cell phone in Georgia and my mother's home number in Florida. I was so happy that I could get two numbers on the tag because I wasn't sure if I'd have to change my number down the road. I had only been moved in about a week when Onyx, one of my three black cats, got scared and bolted out of the garden house where I had put them at first. I knew that I would not be able to get him back easily because he was scared and even though I could see him in a neighbor's yard he wouldn't come to me. I knew he wouldn't come to anyone else either. After about a week, I figured he was gone for good and that no one would ever be able to help him because he'd be too scared for anyone to get close. That was back in November. Now March, just last night, I received a call from someone who had found him behind a gas station. Onyx was still too scared to get close, so this wonderful person went and got a trap, trapped him and brought him home and then was able to see that he was wearing a PET ID! He called me first, but didn't get me so he called the next number, my mother's in Florida. It was almost midnight, but she got up and talked to him. Turns out that I'm going to let this man have little Onyx, but I am just glad to know that he is okay. All of my other 4 cats wear PET IDS, and I wouldn't let them outside without one on. Thanks a bunch! Claire -- Amir, Steinway, Jet, and Zig

Mr. Beefys new tag

Image Mr. Beefys new tag This is Mr. Beefy. He is an English Bulldog puppy. Here is a picture of Mr. Beefy wearing his new ID tag.

The Rascal

Image The Rascal This is Gunther my 2 year old Abyssinian and he is a rascal.

my baby millie


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