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Gone but not forgotten... Send us a memory of your beloved pet.

Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.......


Mr.T- We love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you. Oh what I would give to have you "love in mommy's hair". You were the best cat I have ever had and you will never be forgotten. Love you!

My angel

Image My angel Dusti Mae,How i miss you so! You left me Dec 14th .07. I still find myself calling your name(when i call in the other dogs). When i call my two dogs, Rilee and Tonka, for them to come get there "cookie" i end up calling your name as well. I will never forget everything you did for me. When we would go on our walks, me, you, Tonka, and the kids, and they would run around together but you always stayed by my side. I never had to call your name twice for you to come back to me. When i call you now i know that you will not come, but i know your in a better place and soon it will be my time to come to you. I know your calling me but you will always have my heart. And i know i have yours. Love you,

My Angel Tasha

Image My Angel Tasha Tasha was an American Pitbull Terrier (APBT). She was such a sweet girl, she protected me no matter what. I got her when she was only 4 weeks old, she was so tiny ad needed lots of love. She grew up so fast, she loved to play with our Chihuahuas Peaches and Nitro. She was a great dog. She passed away at only 9 months of age on April 12, 2007, due to bacterial meningitis. She is greatly missed. I keep her picture on my keyring so she can go with me everywhere.

My Baby

Image My Baby BeBe was my baby. She passed away on August 23, 2007 (just a few days ago as I write this). She was a very loving, and smart dog. For 11 years she remained my best friend; never judgemental. She was the first one I said good morning to and the last one I said goodnite to. There is a big sad emptyness in my heart- but I know that she is in doggie heaven, and someday we will meet again. Until then, I will continue to holdup the smile she put on my face every day. BeBe 3/96-8/2007

My Baby Doodles

When we first got her she was a stray cat and we loved her o so very much. We only had for a very short time but we loved her soooo much and we gave her everything and she would let us pick her up and carry her around the house. Doodles was hit by a car in may of 2006.

My Baby Girl

Image My Baby Girl Brandy was my baby. She was wolf/german shepherd and gorgeous. She was my best friend, companion and my child. I couldn't have loveed her more if I had of had her myself. She was a not dog to me, but my baby girl. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and 2 months later she was too. She had cancer that ran up the whole left side of her breast. I had her for 12 years and on May 14, 2005 she passed away. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out. I loved you then girl and I always will. Even though i have three other babies now, none will ever take your place. Bye for now baby girl, I will be with you again one of these days and thanks for watching over me. Love, your mom

My baby Luke

Image My baby Luke My baby boy I miss you so much. Luke was my best friend in the world and I treated him like a son more than a pet. He was spoiled rotten, he had his own bed but he slept in mine. I loved him so much I still can't believe he is gone. I took Luke to The Small Animal Clinic in because he looked like he had an eye infection and he wasn't acting like he was feeling good. When we got there they gave him eye drops and sent us home. Two days later I took him back really worried because now he was barely moving around and his eyes hurt him so bad he just kept them closed. Well all the vet did was give him new eye drops and send us on our way again, telling us to come back Monday and if his eye's didn't look better he would send him to an eye doctor. Sunday night Luke started panting and coughing. I was so worried I called the vet at his emergency line but there was no answer. Finally I tried out of town and this wonderful vet in Colemen, TX answered his phone. I told him everything that was going on frantically and also that I really didn't have much money on me at the moment. The vet said that was fine and to come in, by that time it was midnight. With one look, just ONE look the vet in Coleman could see that Luke didn't have an eye infection he had Lymphoma Cancer, and after he fully examined Luke he confirmed it. He asked if Luke could stay the night so he could take blood and test to try and see how far along the cancer was. I agreed and went home to my empty house and waited. Finally at 9am he called and said that I could pick Luke up at 10am. When I got there Luke looked so sad and weak I was so worried. The vet told me to take him home and try to get him to eat, and he would call me when the the blood test came in. Well I got Luke all the way home, but we only got the door. He just kind of whined at me and then layed down. I couldn't believe it, my baby was dying and all I could do was watch and scream. I called the vet and he had me bring Luke back to Coleman as fast as possible. I put Luke in the car, but I knew it was already to late, he was gone. I still took him back to Coleman where they let me cry in their office for about an hour and a half before someone came and got me. The vet there didn't charge me for anything. After I went home the vet called the next day after the tests came in and told me he had stage five of the Cancer and that he was very sorry for my loss. He was really sweet about the whole thing. I miss Luke he left such a void in my heart and home. I Love you Luke and miss you every minute of every day.

My Baby Precious

Well Precious you went through a lot with me moving from Arkansas to Texas. It was a real big change for you moving from the country to the city.You had a lot of favorite foods like peanut butter on a cracker, banana raisin flavored treats and not to mention CEREAL!!!! Precious loved cereal. Well we moved to Texas and we were in the city with a very small yard.She didnt really enjoy that, but we went on walks to keep her occupied or I played with her in my room.Then we moved into the country you stayed in the barn with all of the toys you just loved!We played every day for about 1-2 hours. You loved play time! You never wanted to go back into your cage.Well I woke up very early on that Sunday and my Meme said to go check on you. I started running for the barn because my Meme has never told me to go check on you so i thought something was wrong.I looked for you in your hammonk where you always slept, but you weren't there.....I found found you at the bottom of your cage and I went to pick you up and you had passed away. The reason my Meme said to go check on Presious was because i got a horse and she thought that I would see the horse before I got to the barn were Precious was.We don't know how she died or why either, but she was the best ferret anybody could have ever wanted. Precious you were and are the best!!!I love you tut tut. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

my baby scooter

Image my baby scooter My baby Scooter was one of the most intresting,wonderful and best things that ever happened to me. Although his life was short he taught me many things and opened my heart so big. He's gone now but will never be forgotten. He makes his mark in the deepest part of my heart. I love u baby and i miss u soo much.

My babygril

Babygril... she was so wonderful to us. She made our day of her sad puppy eyes when she looked at u and u know she wanted something from u and ur not sure what that can be. She was our small dog. She was a chihuahua. She come in our life 8 years ago. Now she's not with us anymore. Aug 22 of 09 she passed away. She was old but she will be missed a lot cause she was the family dog. She was more than a dog to us she was as family, just like one of our kids. She was very special to us. In dog years we don't know how old she was when she passed away cause we had her for a long time. 8 years. One year after his mom passed away that's when she come in our life. His mom died in Dec and the dog come in our life the next month. That was 2001 until 2009. I am going to miss her the most of all. Love, josie

My Beauy

I grew up with Beau and he was the best! Very loving and always greeted everyone with kindness. I miss him very much. He was the first dog my parents got so he was very special to me.

My Beloved Best Friend, Cody


My best buddy

Image My best buddy We got lucky 3 years ago, from my husband's dad in Mississippi. He was a very small dog from a litter of three pups. We chose him because he was the smallest. About a year after we got him, he got parvo. Lucky survived through it. The doctor said, "he sure is a lucky dog." He loved to play in the snow and lick you in the face. He was a very hyper dog. He was like one of our children. He loved my husband more than anyone. Every time he would see him, he would run and jump in his arms. We live near the mountains, and soon as you would open the door, he was gone! You had to watch him though, because he also loved to run down the driveway. That is the sad part. It was what got him, and sad to say that it was I who did it. I didn't know he was there and I was going down the driveway and I felt something. It was Lucky. I hit him with my car. It is hard to even write this because what I had done. I rushed him to the animal hospital, but he couldn't be saved. It has grieved my heart so. I am writing this, because I want him to be remembered and that I am sorry, and I will never forget him. I love you Lucky..... Love, mommy


Image MY BEST FRIEND I still miss my only friend, my Best Friend "CHUMIS" I had him since he was a little puppy. His mother passed away and couldn't give birth to the other puppies. Chumis was the only one who survived. My husband brought him home two days after and it was so strange that I never thought I could love an animal the way I loved my dog. He was so
special that we were not allowed to have pets in my apartment and I still kept him. I hid him for two years in a school backpack so that the manager would never see him. She did not see him but I had to take him everywhere because I couldn't let him stay in the apartment by himself. He was very intelligent smart! He knew everything. He was very protective of me and all he wanted is to be with me only and me too. He used to run after my car every morning when I used to go to work until one day he got run over and I had to put him to sleep. At that moment my heart broke in pieces and part of me died with him. I cried so much I still can feel the pain in my heart but I had to make that decision. He couldn't walk and he had internal damage. He was in pain and all I wanted was not to see him suffer. I miss him ! I will never love no one as I love him. He was very loyal and the best friend I had in my life. RIP 011/22/08 CHUMIS

My Best Girl - Kricket

Image My Best Girl - Kricket She was and will always be my truly, best friend. My best girl, that's what I always told her up until the moment she left me. My KK was only 12 years old...not near enough time with the best JR in the whole world. She went in for a dental cleaning, my friend(who is the Vet. Tech at the animal hospital) called to tell me she was VERY anemic. Panic set in knowing it could only be bad news for us. To make a horribly painful story short - after 24 hours of tests, x-rays and repeated ultrasounds - they we're discovered. Hemangiosarcoma - Tumors, very aggressive...on her spleen, lung, and in her stomach. They were bleeding out, her chest was filling with fluid...I was going to loose her. I brought her home. We needed one more night together before our time had to end. I knew what to watch for, thinking a few times she was leaving but no-she was holding on. I think she needed that time as much as I did. My husband slept on the couch that night so KK and I could stay together on the bed. By the next afternoon the fluid was growing inside her chest, she was getting uncomfortable and she told me it was was time. I have hated that I had to make that horrendous decision to this day but I knew my girl, and she wouldn't ever leave me any other way. She would have hung on until the last possible minute. I couldn't put her through that. She left this world in her own bed and at peace. I lost a part of me that day. She never judged me, never left my side, never betrayed me...she was truly the most loyal friend I have ever had. MY BEST GIRL ALWAYS...I LOVE YOU MUCH - KRICKET.



My dear friend

Image My dear friend Bo although you've been gone for awhile now and only after 8 yrs I was able to bring another dog into the family (actually 2) I love them as much but they do not take your place in my heart, there will only be one of you, you were such a nut and your personality could shine through anything, I was lost without your wagging tail and all the kisses you gave me, you helped me through some tough times and for that I am forever grateful dear friend, hope to see you again one day, Love Mom

My Dear Sweet Nala

Image My Dear Sweet Nala In 1996 I got Nala when she was 9 weeks old. She was a great puppy and I took her every where with me. Her first home was my college dorm! She would ride in and outside in my backpack. She was truly my best friend. She knew me better than anyone. In her 10 short years she was constantly by my side. We moved from Montana to Las Vegas after college life. There I married and became a full time stepmom to two. Nala, as always, took it in stride. In December, 2005 I had my first child. She loved our baby. Always looking over him and loving his meal times! It became a game to drop the cherrios to Nala. Her big brown eyes made everyone who came into contact with her fall in love instantly. She was loved by her Vets, her groomer, and all of my family. She was our family. On September 25th, 2006 Nala lost her battle to a terminal illness. We fought like crazy to save her. As he lay dying in my bedroom, she was concerned about me being so upset. She actually got up and put her head in my lap and looked at me telling me not to cry. Even in her last moments of life she was worried about me. That was my baby. I miss her so terribly. My dear Sweet Nala, I can't wait until we can be together again. I love you!

My Diva

I rescued her from being put to sleep when her owners were going to move and couldn't take her. I knew her time might be short; she was already 11 years old, but I knew she had good years left. She had been left in a yard and had food dumped in for so long; she didn't know what to think when I welcomed her into my house and onto my furniture. It didn't take her long to love it! She began to walk with her head held high and she could look you in the face again. This is what life was meant to be! For almost 4 years she was my baby and best friend. When I found out that she had cancer I was crushed. The vet said she only had a couple of weeks and that we could put her down if I wanted. I took her home to think about what to do. I called the vet and said that as long as she was happy I would not put her down. She warned me of what the end would be like and that it would be very soon. I thanked her and set about enjoying what time I had left. A year later we were still enjoying each other! The vet and nurses continued to be amazed and help me care for my Diva. Several months later she had a seizure, which happened from time to time, but this was different she couldn't come out of it. I stayed by her all night trying to comfort her, but it was no use. I knew what was happening. I called the vet who was kind enough to come to my house. We knew her time had come. I lay beside her and held her in my arms, talking to her as she slipped away. I have never known such a true love and I will always miss her.

My dog Chiki! He will always be in my heart!

Image My dog Chiki! He will always be in my heart! About 5 yrs ago, my parents and I were in the keys at my Aunt's house. She had 12 pekinese and they all looked alike. I fell in love with one named Chiki. I always could tell him from the bunch just by his personality. I got dumped the day before we left and I begged my parents to let me bring Chiki home. They told me if it would help me over the break-up then he could come home with us. He was our 1st dog! Boy was I happy! Everyone thought he was ugly, but his personality made him beautiful! He would always dance for you when you'd come home! After baths he loved playing torro with the towel. He'd run through the towel when you held it out like a bull fighter! Sometimes he would sneeze in your face when you last expected it. After awhile I knew when he was going to do it.LOL! Well this year after gasperilla, Feb 25. my Dad's b-day I recieved a call from my parents saying he was in the hospital. This was at 7 a.m and I was histarically crying and trying to get ready to drive. My boyfriend ended up driving me to my parents house to get directions to the hospital. I waited too long, I know I should've just gotten directions over the phone. My mom took too long to get ready and my dad took forever printing out directions! I was 5 minutes away from the hospital when my Dad calls, my boyfriend answers. I had a gut wrenching feeling as they got off the phone. He didn't tell me much, but "we're close, turn here". I got there and immediatly found out he had passed. All I could think about was that my Dad dropped him off this morning and he was the last to see him. Like we had dropped him off to be killed. He died around 10 a.m and I was 5 min away to say good bye. I still wonder if he understands I tried! I sit here trying to control my tears and Im trying really hard! We took him home like a funeral ride me driving behind my Dad. My Dad put Chiki in his cardboard box in the back of his miata with the top down. Chiki loved to sit up in the window while Dad drove.I had planned to wake up and go to the Rennessance Fair with my boyfriend and our friend. That my Dad was going to have a good birthday. I went anyways because that's what Chiki wanted me to do. A month later we adopted a pekinese whose owner tried to crop her ears with ribbons and rubber bands. They got infected and the owner dropped her off in a neighborhood. Lost angels found her and for a month she remained earless without a home. I saw her on the site and fell immediatly in love with her! I brought my mom to a showing and insisted on adoption. Her name is Bella and she's a goof ball and now has a great home with paople who love her. We adopted another dog to keep Bella happy and his name is Paris. Nothing could replace Chiki because he is one of a kind. My Dad made him a casket and put brass handles on it. My mom made a beautiful purple satan, pillowed just like a casket with brass buttons, fit for a king. For his burial Me, my brother, and my parents gathered and screwed in a corner to close his casket. then me and my dad took the ropes on the side; Mom and Kris took the front and back handles. We walked him out to his grave in the front yard. Me and my Dad lowered him in his hole and removed the rope. We said our good byes and went inside. We played jazz music from sad to happy while playing slide show of pictures of him on our T.V. We laughed and cried and moved on since then. Thanks for listening I hope you felt the love he gave us, that we gave him!

My healer and soulmate

Image My healer and soulmate Buddy, our Yellow Lab, came to rescue my girls and myself in Nov. 97. We were having an extremely bad few weeks after losing our beloved Wolfie and then our cat, Tigger 2 weeks later. Buddy was about 1 1/2 yrs old and he was a rescue from an abusive home. He never let that get him down. He became focused on healing my families' heart. He was extremely smart and seemed to understand me when I talked to him. He love to play with a tennis ball and swim and chance he got. We would take him to the lake near our house and he would start digging at the rocks in the water. He would then go completely underwater to get his "treasure" and bring it to us. He truly healed our hearts. He became our 80lb. lap dog! When I met my new husband, we moved into a new house, and Buddy became the keeper of the peace amoungst our cats in the new house. If he felt the cats were playing too hard, he would break up the fight. He welcomed my third child with a loving and protective heart. About 3 yrs. after we moved into the house, somehow, Buddy contracted heartworm,even on meds. We immediately got treatment for him and it was the hardest thing to keep him quiet for the 6 weeks following. In Aug of '07, he started having coughing spells. I feared he had heartworm again. Within a week, he started having trouble breathing. My husband rushed him to the vet and we found out he was in congestive heart failure. he was given lasix and that seemed to help quite abit. He went for a chest x-ray and we found out his heart was extremely enlarged. The vet told us she had never seen one this bad. She also put him on a heart pill. She told us we'd probably have a few more months with him. I was hoping to make it to Christmas. We ended up with only a month. I spoiled him rotten by taking him everywhere I went since he loved car rides. On 14 Sept.07,my husband and I had to go on a quick shopping trip. Buddy had had a couple of accidents in the basement, so I had set him up a little paradise outside which included a plastic pool filled with water, a fluffy comforter for him to lay on, and sheets hung in the trees to give him loads of shade, and his stuffed bear, his baby that he carried everywhere. He loved it. When we got home, he wasn't near the items I had set out for him. Instead he was near my husbands car laying down. I called for him and he didn't get up. I called again, and when he tried to get up, he fell. At that point, I knew had probably had a mini stroke. I called the vet, and My oldest daughter and I rushed him in. The vet looked at him and said she could maybe give us a couple more weeks with some more medicine. When I looked down at my precious friend, his eyes told me that he was done. My daughter and I stayed in the room with him when he was put down. I held his head the whole time, telling him how much I loved him and thank you for coming into our lives. We were allowed to stay with him as long as we wanted to afterward. We had him cremated and brought him back home. Each of the girls chose a small,wooden box to put some of his ashes in. The rest will be buried with me. He was my best friend, my healer, and my soulmate. He will always be a part of me,even after death.

My Lifesaver

Image My Lifesaver Nine and half years ago my older sister bought me a 5wk old beautiful yellow lab puppy that I named Bailee. At the time I was 20 years old and struggling through many health problems. With no answers coming from the doctors, I sank into terrible depression. There were many times I questioned whether to stay or "check out". Struggling through daily life, every time I needed a gentle look or kiss to tell me it would get better, there was Bailee. He was all I felt I had at the time. We spent everyday on the couch together for the first 1 1/2 of his life while I regained my life. If it weren't for Bailee, I wouldn't be here today. We have shared many happy years together since then, even adding a best friend in his life with my husband. He was diagnosed with mouth cancer Christmas 2006. I decided it was time for me to get him through his hardship just as he did for me years ago. I stood right by him through it all. The hardest thing I ever had to do was end his life after he gave me life. Mere words could not begin to explain the difference he made in my life. I feel as though a small piece of my heart is gone. Thank you for the beautiful poem on this page. The possibility of being with him again makes my heart smile. I love you Bailee. Thank you for being my rock.

My little buddy I miss you

Image My little buddy I miss you Shadow you were my buddy, we had 17 yrs together and it was your time to go, I'm sorry for that but I was honored to be there with you in the end, you gave me such joy and I will never forget you, your mom

My Little Monster

Image My Little Monster This is Harley, my little baby goof girl, one of the most comical dogs you would have every met. She brought a smile to everyones face. We lost her boxing day, Dec. 26th, 2006. Tragically at the age of 5. We miss her lots and will never forget about her. -Mommy and Dad

My little Pascualy

Pascual was adopted by our family when he was barely born. He had a way of listening to people conversations and then making his own cat comment. He would watch over my newborn son in his bassinet when i got up to do something. He cared for any kittens whom might need a big brother. His mother was a stray and I know of the danger of disease in stray cats. Pascual was Black and white with huge copper color eyes that --I swear could penetrate deep into anyone who looked into them. He was always near me and full of conversation.(cats do have a language). The vet told me pascual had late stage Feline Leukemia and it was very sure that he would die before he reached one year old. I brought him home and continued to give him antibiotics and vitamin supplements until he surpassed that crisis. Pascual got sick about once every six months and each time I thought for sure that was it. At one point he was about 4 pounds, all the bones in his spine shown through his coat. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor crying while looking at him and begging him not to die yet. To please eat something. Unless I hand fed him canned food, spoonful by spoonful,he would not eat. I went on like this about a month. By his next vet visit, at thirteen pounds and was considered "fat"!! No one could beleive how that emaciated half dead cat could become so healthy looking! He kept the weight up for a couple years until the leukemia finally took him away.I was at work when he passed on. If there are the souls of those very special pets up in heaven, than i am sure Pascual is among the angels.I have had many pets in my life, but when i think of this special little guy, it hurts as if he had died just yesterday.

My Loving Cockapoopie

Image My Loving Cockapoopie I was working in a Vets office, and Katie came into my life. Someone had found her wondering on the road and brought her in. We cleaned her up, gave her shots and of course I had to take her home with me. The vet said she was about 5 years old but it was hard to tell. She was the perfect dog, she always seemed to know exactly what you were saying to her. She loved to play with her toys, especially this one duck she had. Even though I only had her the last 8 years of her life, I feel I was truly blessed to have her in my life. I lost her on May 24, 2007 to kidney disease. I will never forget her. She will always be loved and missed.

My miss sade adu aka Miss doodles

Dear Miss Sade Adu. We miss you so much. Born 1997 and lived a full loving life until you got sick. I know you are better off, you were having a difficult time those two last days. It was hard for you but you were a trooper. We gave you the best and you had the best sister Jolee. She misses you a lot too. She gets far away looks sometimes and has tears. I will never forget you and always love you . You gave me much happiness and joy. My sweet baby left us Jan 14 2008 seven days after her 11th birthday. Sometimes the house seems so sad without you. Many tears and missing you every hour. You were a very special four legged being!Tony misses and loves you too! We love you forever and think about you everyday. See you Soon. Hopefully we can get a pic downloaded so everyone can see what a beautiful sweet dog you were.Love mommy

My Pickle

Image My Pickle I got Pickle at 6 weeks old, she was a part of my life for 17 years, and I will never forget her or her beautiful green eyes, and all the things she went through with me, 17 yrs is a long time but its never long enough, when it comes to our fur babies.

My Precious Princess

Image My Precious Princess Princess passed way July 16th, 2007 @ 3:43 PM. She will be dearly missed by me and the family. She gave us over 10 years of unconditional love and happiness. She always loved going for walks and go riding in the car with her head out the window catching the breeze. She is buried with her step-sister Lady in our backyard as we promised. God bless you, Princess & Lady, for you are both surely missed and loved for you both have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

My Pretty Girl

Image My Pretty Girl Lectra was my baby! She was the most beautiful dog I have ever had. She was only about 2 years old when we lost her. Its like losing a child (for me). I have 4 amazing dogs and Lectra was one of them and she meant the world to me and they are all my children. I don't have any children so they fill that role for me. I will always miss my pretty baby girl. I LOVE YOU LECTRA!!!