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A Toy Tiger...gifted to us!!

Image A Toy Tiger...gifted to us!!

What a Gift! We were out of town and while in a Big Box store engaged in conversation with one of the corporate vendors.
We mentioned that one of our beloved cats was being boarded as well as in treatment at our Vet's office because 'Sammi' was diagnosed serious blood disorder which had so far cost $3,000+ for diagnosis and treatment.
The vendor' s half-Toyger cat had recently delivered a litter of kittens which could each be sold for a substantial price.
TOYGERS are a newly developed breed with the beauty and grace of a 'toy tiger'
Because she recognized that we provide extensive care to our cats,,she offered one to us free of cost.
We would have to drive from California to Seattle to pick him up, but anyone knowing the characteristics of this new breed would not turn-down such an offer.
Baby 'Kevin-Toyger-Beyer has lived-up to the TOYGER hype.
Nothing can compare to a sleek, muscular, baby tiger Kevin has developed into. TOYGER temperaments are as advertised. Sweet little tigers!

What a gift. The gift of a lifetime.